“O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree,

How steadfast are your Branches…”

The second half of Friday’s ‘Grimm’ double feature was a reminder to kids that, if you’re bad, coal, switches, and being feasted upon by Santa is in your future.

The above point is made quickly and severely when two young punks break into a Christmas shopper’s SUV and steal away with all their prezzies. They get a rude awakening when a ram-horned Santa metes out harsh justice, bagging one kid and marking the second one before dropping a lump of coal as he strolls off into the night.

Happy Christmas from Monroe

Taking a peek in the Austrian Alps, a squad of Verrat set up a crafty ambush, one that Hans Tavitian sees through right away. He guns down all the hit squad and makes his way to the Resistance meeting. With Tavitian finally there, the meeting start and several of the Resistance members admit their unease about a Royal becoming involved in their cause. Renard finally speaks up for himself and speaks upon his loyalty to bringing down the Royal families, even playing the “I have a Grimm” card. It’s enough and once Tavitian signs on, the others quickly, if not reluctantly, welcome him into the fold.

Back in Portland, while a sneaky Monroe ushers Juliette in to help surprise Rosalee with his massive Christmas décor, Hank and Nick take in the scene of the first abduction—though they believe they are investigating a dead body. Said body is the second of the two boys and, when he wakes up, he’s more than a bit freaked out.

Derrick is the victim’s name and they take him to the hospital for shock and the slashes across his face. Hank and Nick arrive and speak to his father for a bit and find out the missing boy may be Derrick’s friend and fellow trouble maker Quinn. When they talk to Derrick, he’s making little sense, only providing “He took him” when they ask about Quinn. It’s not until he sees a Santa and freaks out once again that the two detectives have something to go on. They end up getting a second witness to the Santa motif when a man witnesses the abduction of another bad kid.

In Vienna, with Franz on the lookout, Renard breaks into Adalind’s hotel room and finds the baby belly gel, one that’s not too good for the senses. He also notices the cameras and leaves her a note warning of the cameras and requesting a sit down with her.

The two detectives visit Quinn’s house and find Bud there, a good friend of Quinn’s father. They aren’t there 5 minutes when Hank gets a call on the second abduction. Rosalee gets back to Monroe’s and is overwhelmed by her beau’s display of the Christmas spirit. She shares the painful memory of her favorite aunt and uncle’s death on Christmas night when she was seven. Though she doesn’t want to ruin his Christmas, Monroe takes it upon himself to remove the holiday cheer from the room. When Rosalee wakes up to the Christmas-less house, she confides in Juliette about it, who gives her sage advice to make the holiday about her and Monroe.

On the abduction front, Nick finds himself on TV after he and Hank arrested a suspicious Santa at the park.  Nick and Hank stop by a morose Monroe who, after finding out about the coal, points them in the direction of Krampus, a Wesen legend who punishes naughty kids, hangs them from the tallest tree in the tallest spot on the Winter Solstice where he feeds on them before disappearing into thin air.

The detectives find themselves on tv after taking down Santa

Now, all they need to find out is where he’s going to take them. Enter Bud; when they throw out the tallest tree/tallest point, he mentions Council Crest. Figuring it’s as good a place to start as anywhere else, the quartet search the Crest grounds and find the kids strung up in giant wicker baskets. Bud, Monroe, and Hank start freeing the soon-to-be-feastees while Nick takes on Krampus mano y mano. St. Krampus holds his own but when he goes to choke Nick, the Grimm ghosts out (skin fades to that chalky white) and he KO’s Krampus with a single punch. Hank and Monroe arrive and tell Nick that he needs to finish el Krampus but the Grimm hesitates, most likely remembering Renard’s words on his ease of killing Wesen. Hank steps up, ready to mete out justice, bullet to the head style but is given a reprieve when, at the stroke of minute, the Krampus turns back into a man, one clueless to his true nature. Unable to decide what to do, the guys decide to turn the case over to the Wesen council. Monroe goes home to ask Rosalee to make contact with the Council only to find her asleep on the couch and all the Christmas decorations back up. The nice pint of beer and cigar brings an even bigger smile to his face.

Grimm News:

  • Wesen that don’t know what they are…it’s a nice touch and begs the question of just how many are afflicted by this condition and will we be seeing this again.
  • Nick zombie-ing out again, as well as continually honing his super senses, strongly suggests there’s some Grimm specific things we’ve yet to learn about Nick’s heritage. Something tells me he’ll need it as the war with the Royal Families heats up.
  • Speaking of the Royals, is Renard bringing Adalind into the Resistance fold and, if he extends that offer, will she take it or is Adalind more about the winning side? Methinks it’s the latter but has to consider Viktor spying on her as well as his plans for her unborn child.

‘Grimm’ is on a break for the next few weeks, but what a great way to bring on the holiday season Grimm-style, don’t you think?