Happy Valentine’s Day fellow nerds! Last year we listed a few pick-up lines to help you find that perfect mate. Well, for all you singles out there, we’ve comprised another list of Top 10 Nerdy Pick-Up lines to use when you’re out on the town. While not guaranteed to win you a date, they should be good for a laugh, and if the target is nerdy enough to get the reference, maybe even help you find your own special someone.

Counting down….

10.) You must be the square root of two, because I feel irrational around you.

Not a comic-book reference, but classic nerd line. Only downside is if the recipient has no clue about square roots.

9.) My heat vision must be malfunctioning, because you’re smokin’!

Great line as it’s both a compliment and a nerdy reference. If she’s a Superman fan, you’re in!

8.) Doctor Strange isn’t the only one with magic hands…

Downside here if if the lady has no idea who Doctor Strange is. Then you just sound like a creep.

7.) You turned my blackest night into brightest day.

What lady could resist? Unless she has no idea who the Green Lantern is, or the motto of the Lantern Corps. But in that case, good riddance.

6.) The ladies like to call me Mr. Fantastic. Care to find out why?

Even if she’s not a nerd, this line is pretty clear.

5.) My spider sense isn’t the only thing tingling. 

Great line for a man or a woman, especially as few people haven’t actually heard of Spider-Man.

4.) Baby, are you metal shrapnel? Cause I feel you in my heart.

One of the best ones, only losing points for being specific to Tony Stark. If the lady gets it, you marry her.

3.) If Princess Peach looked like you, I would have killed Bowser years ago.

Who doesn’t know the Mushroom Kingdom and it’s inhabitants? The lady will melt if she has any idea of the struggles of Peach and Mario.

2.) If I were Iceman, I couldn’t stand next to someone as hot as you.

X-men references, always cool. And another line with the added benefit of being a genuine compliment as well. Win Win!

1.) I’m not Captain Marvel, but you’ll sure be yelling SHAZAM!

This line takes some confidence, and should only be used if you’re sure she’ll get it, as Captain Marvel/Shazam are not as well known to the world in general. If you get a laugh out of this, you’re in.

Did I miss some? Feel free to add your own in the comments below!

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