Grant Gustin has made his debut as Barry Allen on ‘Arrow’ in the episode entitled ‘The Scientist’.  He will also appear in next week’s mid-season finale before segueing into a pilot for a new series starring his alter ego, ‘The Flash’.  Work is moving forward on this pilot and the latest casting call sheet reveals that a longstanding supporting character will in fact appear, Iris West.

In the comics, Iris was Barry Allen’s longtime love interest and eventual wife.  She was also the aunt of Wally West, who would eventually become Kid Flash and later The Flash, after Barry died during ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’.  Now that the DC Universe has been relaunched with Barry alive again and serving in the role as The Flash, Iris is also back in a supporting role.  (No Wally though.)

Also mentioned is a “Detective West.”  This is obviously a relative of Iris’ but in the comics she doesn’t have a detective in her family.  Her father was a physicist and her brother was a con artist.  So this is a new wrinkle the producers are introducing in the pilot, along the same lines as Quentin Lance on ‘Arrow’, Dinah and Sarah’s father.

This will probably also tie into Barry’s career as a junior forensic scientist.  No word yet on whether Wally will factor in, but considering that Grant Gustin is so youthful as is, I doubt a Kid Flash will factor in.  Heck, Grant Gustin practically is a Kid Flash himself!  But with Roy Harper (Colton Haynes) an increasing presence on ‘Arrow’ and rumblings of a ‘Young Justice’ live-action series, Wally would be a natural fit.

Here is a photo of the call sheet:

David Rapaport casting has handled the casting of ‘Arrow’ and ‘Tomorrow People‘ so it’s no surprise they are also casting ‘The Flash’.

Who would you like to appear opposite Grant Gustin on the series?  Is it too much to hope that Emily Bett Rickards’ Felicity moves over to Central City?  She and Grant were so cute together on ‘Arrow’!  What do you think?

Source Comic Book Movie