Today’s episode of Touch isn’t brought to us by any numbers, which should tell you that it’s going to be a little bit different from all the other episodes before. Suddenly, Amelia and Jake are able to communicate to each other with words (which means to mean the previous episode have a lot of ‘splaining to do), no prevalent numbers running through the episode, and there is nothing about “coincidences” which is sort of the hallmark of the show.

Instead it starts with Jake working with two different colors as he writes numbers, which Martin notes is a bit strange. He narrates about the perfect storm again, which is much like the time Guillermo was looking for him in New York, and Lucy is packing up to go. For those of you who don’t want Lucy to go, don’t worry! She comes back! For those of you who want her gone… well, sucks to be  you.

She and Martin discuss how she can now go to the police, because Martin wants Lucy to find Amelia, though he wished she’d trust him and Jake, and I get really confused because this turnabout comes from nowhere. Lucy, (not-so) prudently, doesn’t tell him that she already went to the police. He doesn’t even know he needs to be worried.

Martin tells Lucy that Jake loves her, so she should say goodbye. Jake hands her her bag, and from past experience, that should tell us it’s because he’s done something clever. For the sake of saving time, I’ll just tell you that he switches Martin and Lucy’s phones, which makes it impossible for Lucy to leave when she needs to.

Meanwhile, Amelia is writing the same numbers Jake is, and she somehow verbally communicates to Jake that it’s his “moment” and that the numbers will protect him. I have no idea why they only just started communicating like this, but it suggests that maybe the 36 can, and I’ll get to that in a moment.

Over at Breakwire, Trevor is having a party for he and Martin’s mutual friend, Dutch, a journalist who was in Sarajevo with him. It’s raining heavily outside while the party goes on, and when Trevor calls Martin to see where he is, Lucy picks up and realizes she has to go back to Breakwire to return it. While it’s raining, Guillermo is busy cutting the power to the building, checking blueprints, and jamming cellphone service while pretending to be a city worker.

Now, why Guillermo Ortiz has decided to kill Jake on the one night where he is surrounded by people confounds me. I mean, why couldn’t he wait until it’s just Jake and Martin in the house?

Anyway, back to Dutch. Dutch is supposed to be the one that can help Martin find Amelia, and protect Jake. He, Trevor, and Martin share war stories where apparently they were more than journalists, but commandos who dealt in high stake sniping situations with men who had grenades.

Lucy shows up and returns to the phone to Jake, and finds out she can’t leave again because the torrential rains have made all the roads impassable. In that time, Jake touches her hand, and Martin is blown away. He tells her that it means Jake wants to stay.

Because Guillermo has jammed the cell service, Trevor sends the computer guru, Santiago to go find another cell tower he can ping. Santiago is reluctant to because he is macking on a girl, but Martin gives him the brilliant idea that there be more privacy in the “control room”. Unfortunately for him, he takes the advice and he, and the girl he’s with get promptly murdered while Guillermo makes a speech about how this is a Holy War, and there are only two sides now: those who are in his way, and those who are not.

Jake somehow senses these deaths, and flees from the room with Lucy in tow. Martin doesn’t notice, but immediately goes in search of the two when he finds two corpses, slashed at the throat, in the control room.

Trevor, Dutch and Martin go in search of Jake and Lucy, while the journalists of Breakwire discover the bodies, call the police, and struggle to leave the building when they have been locked in.

The three split up and Martin gets trapped in the basement where he finds Phil, who I can only assume is an intern, poor fella. Phil is still alive after his encounter with Guillermo, but in a very bad way. He manages to tell Martin the information he needs to know that someone is after his son tonight, and where to find him. Then, they manage to get out of the basement and drop Phil off with Trevor.


All this while, Amelia is talking to Jake with her magic powers, and Jake keeps on writing. While he and Lucy are hiding out in some sort storage room on the upper floors of the building, he gestures that she go to the mirror with his notebook. She discovers the pattern is a blue butterfly when it’s reflected in the mirror. Her daughter, Amelia, loved blue butterflies, and she realizes that Jake is somehow communicating with Amelia.

Dutch find Lucy in the meantime about two seconds before Guillermo does. He finds a gun, locks the door, and proceeds to shoot through the door while Guillermo launches his body at it. It is all for not, however, and Guillermo burst through the door and struggles with Dutch until we hear a single gunshot.

At first, we don’t know who was shot, but it’s revealed to be Dutch, leaving Lucy to fend for herself with wrench. She does a fairly good job of it, and as Jake runs away, she is able to stab Guillermo in the leg.

Guillermo limps after Jake, who finds another hiding place and starts writing and Amelia uses her magic connection voice to correct one. Then, Guillermo finds him, and he writes the number 10262000 on the wall behind him and causes Guillermo to start having flashbacks. Though it’s never explicitly stated, 10/26/2000 is the day his wife died and child died, and we find out it’s the same day Jake was born. Somehow, Guillermo connects the two.

So, Jakes starts to talk with Guillermo about love using his mind, which leads me to believe that all of the 36 can communicate in some way.

Anyway, Dutch struggles towards them (despite being shot) and fights with Guillermo when he finds him. When he gets pushed away, Jake starts to attack and gets knocked unconscious after being thrown into a barrel. At some point during this, Dutch succumbs to his wounds, and Martin shoots Guillermo with Dutch’s gun. A lot.

It makes me wonder if the reloaded the gun when the camera wasn’t looking, actually.

When Martin looks over the rooftop to the ground where Guillermo had fallen after being shot, he is shocked to find that there is no body. As such the body count ends with Dutch, who dies on the roof, and Guillermo who survives.

The ending narration from Jake is about how fear is the dividing line in our species, and it is impossible to quantify.

The last scene has Amelia sitting in a sort of computer room as the environment in her head disappears. A bodiless voice asks her if she wants dinner, and then tells her she has work to do.

Honestly, despite the fact this was an action-packed episode, it felt largely out of place with the rest of the Touch canon. It didn’t really ask any new questions, and it certainly didn’t answer any old ones. All we know is that Guillermo still wants Jake, and Amelia is still in danger. We’ll have to see if any of this resolves next episode.