Grant Gustin is about to make his big debut as Barry Allen, the proto-Flash on ‘Arrow’.  The character debuts on the episode ‘The Scientist’ and also the following episode (the series’ mid-season finale) ‘Three Ghosts’.

Just in time, here is a new video clip showcasing Barry Allen rattling off his theories about “the vigilante” to Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards) and… well, he’s pretty spot on.  Watch the clip below:

It sounds like the writers are hewing close to the current comic run of ‘The Flash’ with the unexplained murder of Barry’s mother, which will surely play out on ‘The Flash’ TV show should it get picked up.  (It’s still unsolved in the book, I believe.)

What do you hope to see on a ‘Flash’ TV series?  (Is Gorilla Grodd too much to ask for?)  With as much DC mythology that’s being utilized on ‘Arrow’, with the introduction of super powers, the sky is the limit!

Source THR