“Duermeta nino, duermete ya…

Que viene el Coco y te comera.”

After a bit of a hiatus, ‘Grimm’ returns with Nick and Hank tackling a vigilante boogeyman that takes vengeance upon neighborhood criminals.

For the record, these aren’t nice guys…

Things start two weeks in the past when a young gas station attendant is beaten and put into the hospital by the criminals. His mother stays by his side and prays for someone to take vengeance upon these “evil men”. As the news reports on the crime, a monstrous hand cringes in anger as it watches.

Juliette is still fretting over the “Love, M” email she saw when checking Nick’s email. She is extremely chippy with him over it but he recognizes the email and tells Juliette about his Mother, the other Grimm. So much has happened in such a short amount of time that he wasn’t really able to tell Juliette much about his mother. Speaking of mothers (to-be, at least) Adalind is still in Vienna and is getting an ultrasound. Her doctor gets an interesting reading—two heartbeats—which she ends up discounting as an echo. Adalind leaves the clinic, unaware of Sebastian (along with another man) surveilling her every move. Sebastian orders his comrade to steal the medical records of Adalind’s visit, no doubt to keep Renard abreast of the she-devil’s moves.

Back in the neighborhood, the two bad guys are at it again but this time, after stealing from another convenience store, they receive the medicine they so deserve. Nick and Hank get called to the scene and talk to the sole witness, a guy that heard the screaming. Something catches his eye and he gets a bit scared, scurrying away before answering anymore questions. Not long after finding the money, guns, and masks in the back of the car, they two are called to the scene of the robbery. They get a view of some potential witnesses that left the store prior to the robbery and one of them mentions Ray Bolton—a general bad person who participates in dog fighting.  When Nick gets home, he finds out just how resourceful Juliette is, tracing Nick’s mom’s email to Slovenia. The next day Nick and Hank pay a visit to the “professional bad guy” Bolton who attacks Nick but is put down. David Florez, the man at the scene of the convenience store crime scene, applauds the arrest.

Back in domestic life, a Pilates-focused Monroe gets a call that Rosalee answers; it’s his mom, who not only is unaware of Monroe’s girlfriend but the fact that he and Rosalee have shacked up together. It’s a pretty awkward moment between the two, one that will no doubt be revisited later this season.

…and neither is this Hollentier

At the station, Nick gets word that the dogs are in the clear but, considering Bolton’s Wesen nature, they decide to hold him over for a bit. He and Hank have dinner with the crew with Juliette confirming the attacks weren’t the work of dogs and Monroe knows it’s not a Blutbod. Nick describes Bolton’s appearance and Monroe and Rosalee ID him as a Hollentier or, ‘beast from hell’. They are not too bright but vicious creatures that were entombed with Pharoahs back in Egypt.  While the gang is spending time together, another bad guy—this time, an attempted rapist—is shown the door out of this world, meets the same gruesome fate as the two bank robbers.

Nick and Hank arrive at the scene and now know that Bolton isn’t the perp. They figure it’s a vigilante Wesen and interviews the victim. Though she’s out of it, she mentions El Cucuy. When the Nick asks if she knows El Cucuy, her cryptic response is “We all do.” At home, Juliette translates ‘El Cucuy’ for Nick, stating that it’s the Boogeyman in Spanish culture. To get a bigger picture of the lore, they pay a visit to Pilar (seen in season two’s “La Llorona”) who tells them a bit more about the legend. El Cucuy hears the suffering of women and, if enough voices coalesce, El Cucuy appears and exacts justice on the wicked. Afterwards, the couple do some research, trying to find anything on El Cucuy. Juliette openly wonders if the vigilante is indeed a Wesen. Cut to David Florez who is attacked by Bolton and his cronies. At the station Hank and Nick speak to Renard about Florez’s credentials when Wu shows them the surveillance footage from the bus. They notice the same old woman that was at the convenience store robbery and the two cops pay a visit to Mrs. Garcia.

On their way back to the station, with Mrs. Garcia in tow, Wu calls them about Florez possibly doing something about Bolton and his crew. They drop by Bolton’s just in time to stop him from killing Florez. They aren’t, however, able to save Bolton from his deserved fate as lil old Mrs. Garcia is ‘El Cucuy’. They take her in to the station and she is quite confident in her safety from prosecution. Renard, fresh off of viewing the footage of Adalind sent by Sebastian, watches the old lady along with Nick and Hank. All three are at a loss and only watch her; they don’t hear what she does as the voices of the helpless reaches her ears and she readies to descend to another group of people that need her help.

Grimm News

  • Juliette is ever the detective and any ill will I may have had towards her last season during her bout of amnesia is no longer as there is just something about her that’s so…loveable. On top of that, her locating Nick’s mom hints at future developments in ‘Grimm’s’ world.
  • Speaking of developments, what’s with the second heartbeat mean for Adalind’s unborn child? Is there something growing in her belly that’s going to shock and awe? Also, one has to wonder if the child is Renard or his deceased brother’s Eric.
  • It may be nothing more than a side plot but expect a visit from Monroe’s parents sometime in the near future. That should be good for a few moments of levity.

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