Fans were shocked when it was announced Warehouse 13 was cancelled. At the Denver Comic Con last weekend, was able to catch up with actor Eddie McClintock (Pete Lattimer on the series) and ask him about his feelings on the matter, why the series was cancelled, and how the fans can help get a Warehouse 13 movie made. Also, how he would defend against artifact thieves like Carmen Sandiego.

Here’s some of the highlights from the interview:

On the Cancellation: Eddie was disappointed, and a little more surprised than he should have been because he tends “to be a glass half empty kind of guy.” It’s a bittersweet ending for him as he would love to continue the show, but he is excited to spend more time with his sons.

Fans Need to Show Their Support: Going into how different shows’ popularity is counted, he notes that fans need to find other ways to show their support if they’re are not going to watch the show when it airs. In addition, Warehouse 13’s new schedule, originally place at 9pM and then moved to 10PM excluded most of the fans. “It’s a family show,” he states, noting that a lot of the viewers can’t stay up that late and DVR doesn’t count for much in ratings.

(Saul Rubinek (Artie) agreed with this sentiment, opining for an artifact that could tell you exactly how to measure audience appreciation.)

On a Warehouse 13 Movie: During the panel at Denver Comic Con, both Eddie and Saul were pushing the idea of a movie and asked fans for support. So if you’d like to see a Warehouse 13 movie (why wouldn’t you?!), be sure to tweet about it using the hashtag #Warehouse13Movie, or tumble about it with #Warehouse 13 Movie. Also, let Eddie know about it on Twitter. If enough interest is shown, fans may get to see Pete, Artie, Myka, Claudia and Steve on the big screen! As for a Kickstarter? Nothing has been ruled out, and we may be seeing one in the future.

(Note: Farscape actually had a miniseries after its cancellation, not a movie. Boom sincerely apologizes for misremembering something she watched all at once nearly nine years ago.)