When I first heard that there would be a third chapter in the Insidious series I was worried that they might rush it into production and push for a release next year. Thankfully that isn’t happening as the film has been given an April 3rd, 2015 theatrical release date. The 2011 film brought in a lot of positive reviews and that was made clear with its follow up bringing in $148 million at the box office alone.

Clearly James Wan (‘Saw’) knows how to scare audiences as he’s proven with multiple films so far. Most recently his smash hit ‘The Conjuring‘ has upped the ante giving a whole new set of audiences a thrill ride and he’ll hopefully be returning for ‘The Conjuring 2‘ and New Line seems to think he will after he’s done with ‘Fast and the Furious 7’. However, he has yet to announce if he’s up to direct ‘Insidious: Chapter 3’. Prior to the announcement that there would be a sequel to ‘The Conjuring’ he had public ally said he would be done with horror so hopefully this won’t be the case as his style of film-making is clearly a huge part of what made these 2 franchises so successful. With James unconfirmed on the project we’ll at least get half of the team responsible for the behind the scenes work back as screenwriter Leigh Whannell (‘Insidious: Chapter 2’) is already hard at work to give us a script which should be finished in time for filming to begin in 2014.

April is not a month usually known for blockbusters or horror with everyone staying inside for the last of the cold or Spring showers depending on the year. However, with the slew of blockbusters set for a 2015 release setting the film to be released over the Summer could prove a disaster to a franchise that has been showing nothing but success so far.

If James Wan doesn’t return for ‘Insidious: Chapter 3’ who would you like to see direct the film? Would you like to see an experienced veteran of the genre take over the director’s chair or see how a newcomer would handle it?

Source: Screen Rant.