Graeme Manson
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TNT has found someone to drive the train.  Graeme Manson has signed on as showrunner for ‘Snowpiercer’ the television adaptation of the 2014 Bong Joon-ho science fiction film about a never-stopping super train that houses the only survivors on Earth after the planet is covered in ice and snow.

TNT’s executive vice president Sarah Aubrey said:

“Graeme’s extensive background in the sci-fi genre coupled with his brilliant work behind Orphan Black made him the perfect choice for this series.  He is the best conductor to navigate the thought-provoking and delicate themes of the series while bringing this frozen, futuristic world to life.”

Executive producer Marty Adelstein added, “I’ve been a tremendous fan of Graeme’s work and his creative vision aligns perfectly with shaping the Snowpiercer world for a television audience.”

As Aubrey pointed out, Manson created and acted as showrunner on the acclaimed series that ran for five seasons, from 2013 until 2017 and earned star Tatiana Maslany a Golden Globe nomination.  Manson also wrote the film ‘Cube’.

Manson replaces Josh Friedman who exited the series a few weeks ago over good ol’ “creative differences.”

‘Snowpiercer’ takes place seven years in the future after the Earth is encased in ice and snow, following a failed attempt to halt global warming.  The remains of humanity dwell on a perpetually moving super train with the wealthy, privileged half in the lush front section and the poor crammed into the filthy back portion.

Bong Joon-ho, who directed the film, will serve as an executive producer on the TV show.  ‘Doctor Strange”s Scott Derrickson directed the pilot.  Academy Award winner Jennifer Connelly and Tony Award winner Daveed Diggs head up the cast, which also includes Annalise Basso, Sasha Frolova, Benjamin Haigh, Lena Hall, Katie McGuinness, Sam Otto, Susan  Park, Mickey Sumner, Roberto Urbina, Sheila Vand and Alison Wright.

Source: Entertainment Weekly