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Writer Dave Callaham is joining Patty Jenkins and Geoff Johns to pen the script for ‘Wonder Woman 2’.  It was just announced that Jenkins was officially returning to direct the sequel and would also co-script and produce.  Jenkins and Johns have been working on the rough story idea for months now, but seem to be ready to finalize things.  Callaham had worked with Jenkins previously on adapting the Norwegian book ‘Jackpot’ by Jo Nesbo into a movie before she landed the ‘Wonder Woman’ gig.

dave callaham
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Callaham wrote the first ‘The Expendables’ movie and as such received a “characters by” credit on the sequels.  (A fourth is planned.)  He also wrote the story for 2014’s ‘Godzilla‘ and contributed to the script for ‘The Wolfman’.  He works as a writer and executive producer for Amazon’s series ‘Jean Claude Van Johnson’.  Callaham is also attached to work on ‘Zombieland 2’ and ‘Mortal Kombat’ but neither has a release date.

The first ‘Wonder Woman’ was of course set in the nineteen-teens during World War I.  Patty Jenkins has stated that the new movie will flash forward several decades and present a “fully formed” Wonder Woman in America.  One rumor has it that ‘Wonder Woman 2’ will be set during the Cold War.  If that’s the case, it looks like Diana will be embarking on another covert mission, as the events in the existing DC movies indicate that superheroes weren’t known to the public until Superman’s recent debut.  The Cold War factored heavily during the early issues of George Perez’s run on ‘Wonder Woman’ in the mid-late eighties, in which Ares attempted to instigate a nuclear war.  This is the mission that inspired Diana to leave Themyscira.

In a bright spot for fans, Jenkins has reportedly sworn that the Invisible Jet will appear (well… you know what I mean…).

Even though some of Warner Brothers’ DC movies have hit snags, it suddenly seems as though ‘Wonder Woman 2’ may soar into theaters before other heroes have even gotten their first shot at the big screen.

Are you excited to see ‘Wonder Woman 2’ moving forward so quickly?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter