We’ve all known for some time that Arnold Schwarzenegger would be back for ‘Terminator 5’. It’s also rumored that Dwayne Johnson (‘San Angreas‘, ‘G.I. Joe Retaliation’) would star alongside him and possibly kick off a new trilogy. Now it looks like we have quite a few new names lined up for characters including who may be portraying Sarah Connor as well as her savior of the human race son, John Connor.

So who is on the short list for each of these roles? Apparently the three actresses in question for Sarah Connor are Emilia Clarke (‘Game of Thrones’), Brie Larson (’21 Jump Street’) and Margot Robbie (‘The Wolf of Wall Street’). For her son, John Connor, the two in the running are Boyd Holbrook (‘The Host‘) and Garrett Hedlund (‘Tron: Legacy’). With the names listed here it could just indicate we’re going to see the Connors in different periods of time. We could very well see them both at a point after ‘T2’ and before the nuclear war caused by Skynet that wipes out most of humanity on ‘Judgement Day’ as well as well into the war in the future.

As we’re still not sure if this is a reboot, a continuation of the story line, or a reimaging in the way that time travel changes the timeline via ‘Star Trek’, it’s hard to say where exactly in time this story will be taking place. If this isn’t a reboot, it’s hard to tell if they will consider all of the previous films and television series canon or if they will pick and choose what they feel is relevant to move the story forward. As much as the fans were outraged with how ‘Star Trek’ rebooted itself, the same idea would work much better in the ‘Terminator’ universe where time travel is already a staple and the entire point of it is to fight the future by changing the past.

What do you think about the possible casting announed so far? Do we have some winning choices or would you rather see someone else in these roles?

Source: Schmoes Know