With ‘Thor: The Dark World‘ already out in some parts of the world and a US release this week, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige discussed the new movie while teasing additional things to come.

Feige compares creating ‘Thor: The Dark World’ to ‘Iron Man 3’:

“Many movies are difficult. I wouldn’t say this one was any more or less than some of the other ones. I think “Iron Man 3” might have been harder… It just takes a lot of work to solidify something. When our movies work, they work because the tone is unique or is a very fine line in balancing the tone. And “Iron Man 3″ was a tough one to land on. The additional stuff that went into this movie — and usually the additional stuff that goes into all the movies is purely based on one thing and one thing only: Do we have a new, cool idea that we didn’t have before?”

Presumably by “additional stuff” he means the controversial post credits sequences.

As for making a godly character like Thor work onscreen, he gave credit to Chris Hemsworth, the actor that portrays the Thunder God:

“Well, I think Chris Hemsworth is one of those main keys, to find an actor who is as charismatic and entertaining to watch as he is. And it’s also making him as relatable as a Norse near-immortal being be, which we found works in his relationship with his family. And his relationship with Jane, which is very human and very relatable. And certainly his relationship with his brother in this movie.

Shifting to the ‘Avengers’, the interviewer questioned why Thanos, who was teased at the end of the first movie, isn’t in the second, inquiring if he was being handled like an “end boss” in a video game:

“We never thought of it exactly like that, but I’d say that’s a fair analogy, yes. It’s also, you look at some classic story lines in the comics and they tease out characters like that — big bads like that — for sometimes years. I think Walter Simonson was teasing Surter for years before he popped up. It’s fun to have the luxury to build somebody up like that.”

By now, reports have widely spread about the post-credit sequences in this movie.  He makes a mention of working with a particular actor, but I don’t want to spoil that.  If you’d like to know what happens, you can click here.

So what do you think?  Are you excited to return to Asgard?

‘Thor: The Dark World’ starring Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Tom Hiddleston, Idris Elba, Christopher Eccleston, and Anthony Hopkins is scheduled to hit theaters on November 8, 2013 (in  North America).

Source THR