After months of rumors and speculation, ‘Kick-Ass’ star Aaron Taylor-Johnson is officially confirmed to be playing Quicksilver in ‘The Avengers’ sequel.  The exact same role will be portrayed by Evan Peters in ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past.’  In the original Marvel comics, Quicksilver is Pietro Maximoff, the brother of Wanda Maximoff (The Scarlet Witch) and biological son of super villain Magneto.  Therefore the two mutant siblings inhabit a unique gray area where they belong to two different franchises, the X-Men and The Avengers.  So while Fox is releasing the next ‘X-Men’ movie with one Quicksilver, Marvel will be including the same character in their second ‘Avengers’ movie.

In the comics, Quicksilver has the power to run at super speed, while his sister can cast “hexes” that manipulate probability.  He also has white hair, so no word yet on whether Taylor-Johnson will have to alter his appearance to fit the role.  (But considering that it’s more common to tweak the comic book characters to more closely resemble the live-action actors, such as Nick Fury and Hawkeye, it’s probably more likely that the comic book Quicksilver may go brunette.)

Taylor-Johnson has been rumored to be playing the role for months now, but the fact that he is also starring in Legendary’s remake of ‘Godzilla’ has apparently been the hurdle in finalizing his appearance in ‘The Avengers’ sequel, as that shooting schedule overlaps with the period during which he will be required to promote the monster remake.  But… it looks like the wrinkles have been ironed out and he will be able to do both!

Also appearing in ‘Godzilla’ is Elizabeth Olsen, who is rumored to be playing The Scarlet Witch in the ‘Avengers’ sequel, but I don’t believe that’s been officially confirmed.  But if so, whatever method that was able to free Taylor-Johnson up should apply to her as well, right?

So it looks like things are falling into place for Joss Whedon’s sure-to-be-blockbuster.  What do you think?  Does Aaron Taylor-Johnson seem like the right fit for Quicksilver?

Source: TheWrap