Just in time for Halloween, someone spliced together clips from the TV adaptation of ‘The Walking Dead’ and set it to the tune of the perennial harvest hit, “The Monster Mash”.

Of course it’s tweaked a bit from the original song, to better reflect the show.  There are references to “Walkers” and the “Sheriff  and his douche-bag son.”  (Poor Carl!  No respect, I tell ya!)  The clips included stretch way back to the first episode of the series and lead up to the season four premier, so that means that crazy British chick is in there along with dearly departed cast members like Dale and Andrea.

Check the video out below:

‘The Waking Dead’ TV show debuted on Halloween night in 2010, so it’s fitting to pay tribute to that seasonal favorite.  It’s all in good fun!  And less gory and dramatic than the actual show!

Source Geek Tyrant