Since movies and games are making the leap to 3D, it was only a matter of time before comic books did as well. Image Comics is set to release ‘Captain Wonder 3D’ from Brian Haberlin (‘Witchblade’, ‘Spawn’, ‘Aria’) and Phillip Tan (‘Green Lantern’, ‘X-Men’, ‘Spawn’). Both will share writing and art duties on the 48-page ‘Captain Wonder’ comic, which is being published in an all-new 3D comic process that is reported to be a big improvement over the headache-inducing 3D comics of the fifties. ‘Captain Wonder’ will hit stores on February 6, 2011 and will include 3D glasses and a $4.99 cover price.

The one-shot, all-ages comic features Captain Wonder, the world’s leading superhero.  When the powerful superhero mysteriously disappears, the world harmony that he so carefully constructed starts to break down.  The world’s only hope just might be Billy Gordon, a ten-year-old boy, who is in mortal danger himself.