The concepts behind this issue have been a long time in the making. A good portion of ‘The Avenging Spider-Man’ and now the ‘Superior Spider-Man Teamup’ runs have been leading to what started in this issue and we can finally see where Doc Ock is going with his plans for imprisoning all of his old ‘Sinister Six’ teammates. He has a new plan in mind and he’s going to use them to make something superior. The Superior Six to be exact!

With the Wrecking Crew on the loose in New York, Spidey knows he can’t take them all on by himself. Sure he has the smarts to do it but these men have been given powers by a God and are not mortals that he can just easily knock around. There’s no need to fear as he’s been planning for just such a scenario for quite some time. In his own devious little mind, all he can think is that who needs The Avengers when he can create his own super group – one that he fully controls. Not just from buying off his old henchmen as he used to do, but using mind control to keep them in his thrall doing his every command!

There is a lot going on in this issue. From a reference to the Alchemax corporation and Spider-Man 2099. to the main ‘Superior Spider-Man’ title, to the fight with the Wrecking Crew, to how the Superior Six are all responding to him when not under his sway – things are building up fast. Things are going to be interesting since things are also building up fast in ‘Superior Spider-Man’ with the Spider-Man 2099 plot moving forward as well as an upcoming showdown with the Green Goblin (still unsure whose under the mask there) in the works.

I have been waiting for Yost to deliver us his vision of kidnapping the old Sinister Six for quite some time and now we are given it. Doc Ock is going to control them (when he can focus) and use them as a team. When he’s not controlling them, they are all wanting to tear his heart out for enslaving them. The best part is that none of them know who is now controlling Spidey’s body.

Spidey’s control over the Six is not 100% there. If he loses focus or if there is some kind of interference, they are free to do what they want. When he’s not actively controlling them they are their normal evil selves. I wonder how they are going to take to Spidey being in control of them? I wonder how they will react if and when they find out it’s really their old partner Doc Ock pulling the strings?

I really can’t wait to see Doc Ock even further fall from grace. All I can see right now is how messed up Peter Parker’s life is going to be when he finally does regain control of his own body. Right now he’s jobless, the women in his life hate him, he’s about to be kicked off of ‘The Avengers’, his most hated enemies are going to hate him even more, the only real thing left to do is screw things up with his Aunt and there’s still plenty of time to do that.

Things have been building up to this for awhile and I can’t wait to see what Yost throws at us next!


Writer: Christopher Yost
Artist: Marco Checchetto