We’ve had our angel and demon-centric episodes so far in ‘Supernatural’ this year, so what’s next? How about one on an ex angel/new God, now human and public enemy number one to his brethren? Cas takes center stage in this week’s ‘Supernatural’, aptly titled “I’m No Angel”.

As it stands, things aren’t looking too good for Cas. Though the plan is to meet up with Sam and Dean at the bunker, he can’t blink his way there anymore. With his grace gone, he’s just as human as you and I (assuming a completely human readership, that is). Said condition comes with all the natural accoutrements…the need of food and shelter, toothpaste and a lavatory for urinational needs. It’s apropos that a once servant of humanity who, admittedly lost his way for a time, is now counting on the good will of others to satisfy his Maslowian needs.

While Cas migrates from shelters with the angels on his tail who don’t believe torturing priests for his whereabouts is crossing a line, Sam and Dean are waiting patiently for their friend’s return. Ezekial, the third wheel on the Winchester vehicle (or would that be fifth wheel?) interrupts the Sam programming to let Dean know about the new angel faction gathering with designs on doing very bad things to Castiel. They are led by Bartholomew, Naomi’s protégé. He may be an angelic d-bag but he’s smart, using televangelist Buddy Boyles to help spread the word and open more people to offering themselves as angelic vessels. Of course, one unfortunate soul explodes upon an angel taking up residence is a visceral reminder that not everyone has what it takes to become a host.

The Winchesters hear about the exploding girl but focus on the tortured priests in Emory Park, Iowa. They ask around finding out that Cas was there, though he’s going by the name Clarence right now. They hear about a smoked out human corpse in Lafayette, IN, a classic symptom of a dead angel, one smoked by a resourceful Cas.

Sam and Dean search high and low for Cas

Bartholomew shows that he’s a less than agreeable boss, tossing threats to his subordinates like candy and when they realize they can no longer track Cas (he uses what little money he’s come into to have Inokian symbols tattooed on him) he goes one step further; hiring freelancing reapers to track the former angel. (I’m sure Death wouldn’t be too keen on his peeps diverting their resources as such…) Though the reaper we come across, Maurice, makes the point on not being able to find Cas, Barty boy clues him to the Winchesters; follow them and they’ll lead the reaper to Castiel. He ends up tailing the boys as they research the dead angel case and Buddy Boyles but he’s not as covert as he thinks, when the Winchesters get the drop on him and play a game of ‘answer our questions and die quickly’. He drops the dime on Bartholomew and his plans before Dean shivs him out of existence. At his wits end and with time running out, Dean tags in Ezekial, asking the angel to help locate Cas by way of any reapers that may be trailing his friend.

Castiel, tatted up and off the grid, goes to the one place where people go to find answers: church. He has a touching conversation with a woman there praying for her sick husband. Though cognizant of her pain, Cas asks her if she knew no one was listening, would it change her belief. Her response is one of total faith, citing his opinion does not affect what she believes. She also suggests to him that “Someone is listening”. Not long after this conversation, Cas comes across another gentle soul in April. She catches him in the alley, searching for food and offers him a sandwich. Later, after her work shift, she invites him into her apartment where he shares with her the guilt and blame he’s responsible for, something he can’t take back. April is so moved by Castiel’s words that she gives herself to him in the most Biblical sense.

Being ‘Supernatural’, things are never that cut and dry.

Cas wakes up after their fine night together with clean clothes and a reaper April. She was doing intel on him the entire time, aware of how dangerous he is and whether or not he purposely had the angels booted from Heaven. She ties him up and does some serious torture to the guy before Sam and Dean burst in.

Cas realizes there’s always a price to pay in the morning…

Out of spite, she slams the angel sword into his chest and starts tossing the boys around. Poetic justice abounds when Dean stabs her with the same angel sword. Cas is dead and it takes Ezekial’s talents to resurrect him.

All is now right with the world, isn’t it? The boys are reunited with Cas, who regales them with tales of hunger and hedonism when they return to the bunker. He is finally home.

Ezekial returns, telling Dean that Castiel cannot stay as his presence puts them all in danger. Dean is not about to send Cas packing…until Ezekial threatens to vacate Sam’s premises, an action that would kill Sam. Dean has no choice but to deliver the terrible news to Cas, who looks at his best friend/brother with the most heartbreaking look, an indelible image that will remain with the viewer for quite some time.  

Angel Ways…

  • So where does Cas go now? While I understand Dean’s decision, will Castiel? How will that affect their relationship, even when Cas realizes why Dean banishes him?
  • Speaking of Cas, quick thinking to establish possible leverage in the future…his grace did shut the angels out of heaven, it’s entirely plausible they will need him to regain access to their home.
  • Ezekial is in full avoid mode when Dean asks him what he’s hiding. Does he know something about God, something the other angels aren’t supposed to know? Does he know more about regaining access to heaven? He has a big secret, one I fear won’t be coming out anytime soon. My question is, if he needs to remain hidden, what’s to keep him from milking this Sam healing along until he feels safe? Dean would never know. Food for thought…
  • Though he was hard, I liked Rafael. Hell, I didn’t mind Uriel and his “smote everyone” approach. Michael and Lucifer? Not so bad. Adored Balthazar. Naomi—not so much. And I must say that, so far, Bartholomew is—to channel Dean—the biggest dick of them all. It doesn’t help his case that we know nothing of his agenda, simply that he’s amassing a force of angels, ready to move heaven and earth, so to speak, to find Castiel. But does he have grander designs? Only time will tell…