In a few more months, the second half of Season 7 of  ‘Doctor Who’ will begin airing. While the news certainly puts a damper for Whovians who would much rather time travel to April in the TARDIS than to take the slow path and wait until then, BBC has released this cool Coming Soon trailer to tease fans with what to expect when the show returns.

The trailer was shown after the airing of ‘The Snowmen,’ the ‘Doctor Who’ Christmas episode which introduced a new look for the Doctor (Matt Smith), a new TARDIS and a new companion, Clara (Jenna Louise Coleman). There are lots of monsters to be seen and we even get a glimpse of the Cybermen that will be featured in the episode that Neil Gaiman wrote. While Clara still remains a mystery, the glimpses of the remaining shows confirm that Steven Moffat is continuing his goal in making each episode look and feel like a blockbuster movie.

Watch the trailer below and, if you’re like me, April can’t come soon enough!

‘Doctor Who’ Season 7 Part 2 Trailer:

‘Doctor Who’ returns to the BBC and BBC America in April 2013.