It was a dream come true to many science fiction fans when the 10th season of the ‘Red Dwarf’ series came out last year. It had been nearly three years since the three episode miniseries, and ten years before that since the last season which aired in 1999.

The series is a cult-classic for American audiences who saw it on PBS, and is a well-loved staple of British television. It was up in the air whether or not the revival of the series would garner an eleventh season, but after robust ratings this time last year, Dave, a UK based television network, is rumored to have commissioned an eleventh sereis. Primarily known as a network that aired syndicated TV shows (primarily panel shows and cult comedies), Dave received its highest ratings ever (2.06 million viewers) when it aired Season 9 of the ‘Red Dwarf’ series dubbed ‘Back to Earth’ back in 2009. Season 10 placed second with 1.59 million.

The series started in 1988, and ran for eight seasons ending in 1999. Its resurrection was highly anticipated by its devoted fanbase, so its return should be equally awaited.

For those of you who are a little hazy on what ‘Red Dwarf’ is about, it’s a comedy that follows the last human to ever exist, a hologram, a cat that has sort of evolved into a cat person with a strange way of talking, and a robot, who are stranded aboard a mining ship called the ‘Red Dwarf’, millions of miles from their homes after a mining accident stuck them in stasis for three million years.

According to Robert Llewellyn, who plays the robot Kryten, we can expect to see the series sometime late 2014, and the rest of the former returning cast (Chris Barrie, Craig Charles and Danny John-Jules) will all be back for crazy space hijinks with an outrageous sense of humor.

For those who want some nostalgia before the series possible release, or others who haven’t seen it but want a new and funny sci-fi show, here’s a clip featuring a grown man and a robot arguing with a toaster:

UPDATE: While there have been reports of an 11th season coming out next year, ‘Red Dwarf’ writer Doug Naylor has been having to do some damage control and is insisting that an 11th Season has not yet been green lit:

We’ll be keeping an eye on this story and will let you know if the series will truly return or not!

Source:, Den of Geek