No matter what convention it is, whenever John Barrowman is in attendance, there’s sure to be a party at his panel. Last weekend, the ‘Doctor Who’, ‘Torchwood’, and ‘Arrow’ star took the stage at this year’s New York Comic Con to deliver some of the most memorable moments of the weekend and our cameras were right there to catch it all on film. (Or on SD cards. Technology, right?!)

During his packed panel, the man behind Captain Jack Harkness discussed a number of different topics including his involvement in the ‘Doctor Who’ 50th Anniversary (which is none), his version of the ‘Wicked’ song ‘The Wizard & I’ called ‘The Doctor & I’, and some of his favorite antics from the set of ‘Torchwood’. He even continued his tradition of showing off his convention-specific undies and brought out a special guest! Check out the highlights from the panel in the video below:

As a fan of musical theater, I loved Barrowman’s rendition of ‘The Doctor & I’. Like many in attendance in the hall, I wish that he would take a stint on a Broadway show or go on tour some time soon. The world is a much better place when this man opens his mouth to sing.

Were you at John Barrowman’s NYCC panel? Did you have a favorite moment from the festivities? Do you have a favorite John Barrowman moment in general? Let us know in the comments.