At this year’s New York Comic Con, so many amazingly talented individuals from the world of comics appeared on panels and interacted with fans throughout the weekend. One comic book writer whose presence was really felt among the masses was Kelly Sue DeConnick, the creative mind behind ‘Captain Marvel’ and ‘Avengers Assemble’.

Immediately after an exhilarating ‘Women of Marvel’ panel, we got a few minutes with Mrs. Matt Fraction before she had to join the rest of the Spidey office for Marvel’s last panel of the con, ‘Spider-Man and Friends’ to reveal the upcoming plans for Carol Danvers. While she kept tight-lipped about the details behind the “Higher” teaser that were revealed immediately after this interview took place, we did talk a bit about her upcoming collaboration with Warren Ellis, the uncanny resemblances between the main characters of ‘Sex Criminals’ and her and her husband, and a hero that she’d love to write/see in a solo title sooner rather than later. Check out everything that Kelly Sue had to say in the video below:

As you can probably tell from the video, I was a bit excited to talk to Kelly Sue, so I apologize for being a little flustered at some points, but I think we got to talking about a few fun things. I mean, we did talk about Matt Fraction/Brian Michael Bendis fan fiction, so I’d say that this was a win overall.

Are you excited about what’s coming next in Kelly Sue DeConnick’s upcoming projects? Do you consider yourself a member of the Carol Corps? And is that dog in the picture not the most adorable Captain Marvel cosplayer you’ve ever seen? Share your thoughts in the comment section and keep an eye out for other exclusive interviews from this year’s New York Comic Con.