Even though ‘The Walking Dead’ kicked off this past weekend (to record ratings, by the way), it’s still too early to really predict where this season is headed.  We already know they aren’t slavishly following the story from the comics, so you can’t rely on those to guide you.  (Although there has been some casting news, inspired by the comics.)

But to give you a few clues, the producers have released a short behind-the-scenes video that doesn’t really spoil anything, but does give you a few things to mull over until next Sunday.

The first thing you really notice is panic in The Prison.  The stronghold had come to serve as a safe haven for not only Rick and his core group of survivors, but at the end of last season, they also took in a bunch of residents of Woodbury, mostly woman, children and the elderly, as most able-bodied men went with The Governor on his revenge mission.  As Andrew Lincoln (Rick) states in the video, they’ve turned this fortress into a “functioning community.”  Of course at the end of the fourth season premiere, we got a pretty good idea of what may cause this upheaval.

Arguably, the show’s main draw for a lot of viewers are the gory zombie kills and the featurette spends a hefty amount of time showcasing the innovative ways the creators concoct for the cast to dispatch their undead adversaries, even constructing special sets in order to facilitate these killings.

Property master John Sanders says “This season you find some new tricks for sure.  Some of the things from the comic book are in this year.”  No telling what that could be referring to, especially since the show has vastly outdone the comics in terms or gore and guts!  “Some of the characters are really gonna put it on the walkers and that is really fun to watch!” he expressed.  “There are some really good walker kills this year.”

Executive producer Gale Anne Hurd added, “We’ve really hit our stride.  I think this is going to be the best season yet because we [the survivors] are facing threats from so many different aspects.”  Obviously one of these “aspects” is the walkers.  Another is certain to be the return of The Governor.  But is there more to it than that?  There have certainly been a few other threats in the comics that could be integrated into the TV show.  And of course, the writers seem to pride themselves on keeping comic readers on their toes by introducing brand new stories and characters.  (S’up Bob?)

“We’re building up to something that’s really huge!” producer Grace Walker promises.

What did you think of the season four premier?  Are you excited about this new season?

Source TheWrap