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We previously reported that Christian Serratos had been cast to play Rosita on the AMC television adaptation of Image Comics’  ‘The Walking Dead’.  Well, you can’t have Rosita without Abraham and Eugene, can you?

At New York Comic-Con, it was announced that ‘Retired At 35’ alum Josh McDermitt will portray Eugene Porter, while Michael Cudlitz, formerly of ‘Southland’ will play Abraham.  Cudlitz will actually come on board as a series regular, which bodes well for his character.

If you haven’t read the comics, but want to avoid spoilers for the show, you should stop reading now.  But if you want some explanation about the characters, proceed.

Rick and the gang encountered these three around the 50th issue mark of the series.  Eugene is a former high school science teacher who pretends to be a doctor who is in communications with Washington DC and claims to have valuable knowledge of the cause of the zombie outbreak.  Abraham is a former army sergeant and the trio initially encountered Rick and his allies at Hershel’s farm.  At some point, Abraham and Rosita became lovers.

However, on the TV show, Rick knows the cause of the zombie outbreak, having learned it at the CDC at the end of season one.  So presumably, their storyline on the show will be somewhat different, similarly to the way Tyreese has been handled.

Show runner Scott Gimple explained, We’re going to tell a version of the Eugene, Abraham and Rosita comic stories, that’s what we do.  I love those characters from the book, they are very different flavors of comic book characters than we’ve seen on the show.”

By this point, I think most of us that read the comics and graphic novels have come to accept that the TV show is merely inspired by the source material and all bets are off.  Characters have outlived their comic counterparts.  Some characters that are still alive in the comics are already dead on the show.  Darryl Dixon exists.

To be honest, and having spoken to fellow fans, I know I’m not alone in this, these three characters were hard to accept.  It took a good while to get used to them and really feel that they belonged.  I mean like 50 issues long.  But I actually came around to all of them.  I’m curious to see if I like them faster on the show.  I loved Michael Cudlitz on ‘Southland’ though, so that bodes well!

The fourth season of AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’ kicks off TONIGHT at 9 pm ET!

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