In the weeks leading up to New York Comic Con, Marvel released a series of teasers to promote their upcoming ‘All-New Marvel NOW’ event that acts as a new jumping on point for readers after the ‘Infinity’ crossover and a perfect opportunity to launch new titles. At Friday’s ‘Marvel: The Avengers’ panel, Tom Brevoort and some of the architects of the Marvel Universe revealed a few secrets.

For this panel, the Executive Editor and Senior Vice President of Publishing was joined by ‘Avengers’ and ‘New Avengers’ writer Jonathan Hickman, ‘Mighty Avengers’ writer Al Ewing, ‘Avengers Arena’ writer Dennis Hopeless, current ‘Secret Avengers’ writer Nick Spencer, future ‘Secret Avengers’ writer Ales Kot, and editor Lauren Sankovitch.

To start with, the panel began looking past ‘Infinity’ by talking a bit about each of their titles and where they’re going. Hickman mentioned that ‘New Avengers’ is the “most important book Marvel is publishing right now” in terms of what comes next. Then, Hopeless reiterated what he’s been saying since ‘Avengers Arena’ came out: “Everyone is going to die.”

After that, they started “nowing”, or discussing the all-new stuff on the horizon. First, ‘Avengers’ will kick off with ‘Avengers’ 24.NOW or ‘Avengers’ #1. Apparently, some of the books in the line will go back to #1 in an effort to make things easier for new readers, while managing to confuse the old ones.

The first of the All-New Marvel NOW teasers, addressed as “Mindbubble,” was revealed to be the next arc in Rick Remender’s ‘Captain America’ as the series enters the event with #16.NOW and introduces Dr. Mindbubble, the “malevolent assassin that kills with kindness”.

“Extinction” refers to Sam Humphries’ ‘Avengers A.I’. Sankovitch said that the robots take over in this arc and everyone will be dead soon. Beyond that, not much more was shared on this book.

“Frenemies” was in reference to Ales Kot’s run on ‘Secret Avengers’ where he hopes to bring the book back to its mission statement. He also said that it’s looking to be more like ‘Hawkeye’ and ‘Avengers Assemble’ and will include new cast members on the roster such as Spider-Woman and another very special member that we all love.

“Descent” will be Dennis Hopeless and Kev Walker’s sequel to ‘Avengers Arena’ called ‘Avengers Undercover’. After everyone dies when that series wraps up, a few of the kids leave Murder World a bit battered and broken. Despite that, they decide to bring down the Masters of Evil from the inside out and infiltrate the group undercover. However, some of them start to feel the inclination to lean towards the dark side during their mission. The cast was not confirmed, but by the looks of the cover, it looks like Anachronism, Deathlocket, and Chase Stein/the new Darkhawk make it out of Arcade’s sick game. There’s also a girl featured on the cover, but I can’t quite make out who it is.

Two new solo books were also announced as the “Trust” and “Atonement” teasers were in reference to ‘Loki: Agent of Asgard’ and ‘Black Widow’ respectively. In the God of Mischief’s series, Al Ewing said that the first thing they do in the first issue is kill Thor. But then the second thing they do is establish that they will constantly lie to you. Fans of Tom Hiddleston’s portrayal of the character should be very pleased with this book.

The second of the two new solo books will feature Natasha Romanoff going through her life as an agent, Avenger, and assassin. Nathan Edmondson is attached to pen the series.

Finally, the biggest announcement of the panel was the reveal of a new book from Nick Spencer and Jonathan Hickman called ‘Avengers World’. This book was teased with the “Global” poster and will feature art from Stefano Caselli. This new ‘Avengers’ title will allow Jonathan Hickman to recharge his batteries a bit after taking on his massive storylines that culminated in ‘Infinity’. Instead of ‘Avengers’ shipping two times a month, ‘Avengers World’ will take one of those spots and will still feature the massive roster that Hickman built, but will focus on some of the newer recruits.

All this huge news came out of this one panel! Be sure to check back here on for more happenings at this year’s NYCC.