Leave it to Neil deGrasse Tyson to find the scientific flaws in the latest Hollywood films! After all, the man who pointed out that the stars in the night sky weren’t correct in ‘Titanic’ would clearly have something or two to say about the latest release, Alfonso Cuaron’s ‘Gravity.’

The astrophysicist took to Twitter this weekend to point out some of the flaws in Gravity under the hashtag, Mysteries of #Gravity. Here are a few of his interesting (and probably less critical) tweets:

Here’s where Neil deGrasse Tyson got a little more critical:

However, despite his criticism, it seems like Neil deGrasse Tyson actually liked the film. (That, or he doesn’t want to get on Alfonso Cuaron’s bad side.)

So do you agree with Tyson’s critiques or think that some movies should just be seen for the sheer entertainment of it all and not for scientific accuracy?

Source: CinemaBlend