Short films get a lot more attention in this day and age. Through the wonders of YouTubeand Vimeo, fans can show that their work can be just as good as what Hollywood is churning out year after year. For instance, there’s that amazing Wonder Woman short making its rounds on the internet right now that practically proves that a film based on DC’s Amazing Amazon isn’t that hard to pull together. Plus, even the big names are getting into the mix with shorts of their own like Marvel’s ‘Agent Carter’.

Now, it appears that a new short film has gotten the attention of the industry. After a year of hard work, Spanish director J.J. Palomo and his six-man crew BLR VFX (which stands for Big Lazy Robot) have landed on the radars of Roy Lee of Vertigo Entertainment and Scott Glassgold and Raymond Brothers of IAM Entertainment with their creation titled ‘Keloid’.

Presented as a trailer for a film that doesn’t actually exist (yet), ‘Keloid’ depicts “some kind of dystopian robot uprising” where various robots are fighting with humans against other robots. It’s almost like cross between ‘Terminator’ and ‘Silent Hill’ with all the robot violence and the creepy female mannequins. You can check out the awesome three-minute video for yourself below:

Since producers are already on board, Palomo hopes that ‘Keloid’ will evolve into a feature-length film. I can already see it being like the next ‘District 9’ with a bit of ‘Pacific Rim’ thrown in. If that does end up happening though, I hope that it retains it’s incredible CGI. I love the designs of the different robots featured in the short and I’m curious to find out more about each of their functions.

What do you think about this new short getting some attention around Hollywood right now? If ‘Keloid’ became a major motion picture, would you go check it out? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter