Nightcrawler is set to return to the X-Men!

That’s right folks! Everyone’s favorite elf is going to be coming back to Marvel, though it’s going to take a full team of X-Men to get him back to the land of the living. More importantly, if you have checked out the early images from the comic issue below, you’ll see Nightcrawler fighting pirates! That’s right our swashbuckling hero also gets to show off his sword skills. I believe the true ordeal will involve what looks to be an evil pirate version of fallen X-Man who I’m sure will have to be defeated at some point before we see Kurt returned to life.

While we don’t know how the ‘Battle of the Atom‘ is going to fully play out yet, we do know this tale will follow that crossover and may somehow be related. We also know that at least a few of the current X-Men will be surviving the event and be helping out here. It’s been announced that in the pages of ‘Amazing X-Men’ #1 we’re going to see Wolverine create a new team of X-Men that includes Storm, Beast, Ice Man and more whose goal is to go on with what promises to be an epic journey to save Nightcrawler from beyond the grave!

Coming out on November 6th (and available for pre-order next week on October 14th) we’re going to be seeing the launch of ‘Amazing X-Men’ #1 which will show us just how far Wolverine would go for a friend. Written by Jason Aaron, whose been involved with the ‘X-Men’ franchise for years, and featuring art by the always amazing Ed McGuiness, I personally can’t wait for this one to come out! Of course just having the return of Nightcrawler makes me want to get my hands on it.

If you’ve been following the X-Titles as of late, you know exactly how many lines Logan is willing to cross to do what he believes is right. So on the one hand, journeying anywhere (say Hell perhaps?) to bring Kurt back to life isn’t a huge surprise. What will be a surprise is how he sells the team he puts together to agree to this. I mean, they just had to clean up after a huge mess of time travel. What part of helping bring the dead back to life seems like a good idea? I’m sure it won’t be a hard sell as no one has seen Nightcrawler in quite awhile. Unless of course you count the one from the ‘Age of Apocalypse’ story line that was hanging out for awhile. Sure he was a bit cold-hearted, not the Kurt that fans of the X-Men know and love, and who almost destroyed the universe in the process of trying to return home during the X-Termination event – but he was out there.

So I’m sure anyone can understand why we’re all rooting for the return of the real Nightcrawler.

Also, if you think that’s huge, there’s a tease that Nightcrawler’s return in the first story arc isn’t even the biggest thing they have in store for us! I suppose if we’re talking about bringing mutants back to life it could be a lead in to either Jean or Charles coming back. That is assuming they haven’t died at the end of ‘Battle of the Atom’.

Side note, I love how much Beast really reminds me of Hellboy in the last promo image.