With ‘Arrow”s second season just a week away, producer and writer Andrew Kreisberg is busy promoting the show.  Appearing in Vancouver, he hinted at the approach the creators took in approaching the sophomore season.

“We approached the first episode as if it was a movie sequel. It was like ‘what do all the best sequels do?’ So every character that comes back, gets a real sort of cinematic reintroduction… There are moments in it that just feel like, if this was a movie, it was Part 2. Or [it feels] even like the feeling I got watching ‘The X-Files’ movie — it’s like ‘it’s the TV show but it’s a movie!’ Episode 201 sort of feels like movie version of the show.”

It sounds like they are upping the ante with season two and elevating the scope.  With all the new characters headed to Starling City, that’s promising.

Among the new characters is Isabel Rochev, as portrayed by sci-fi mainstay Summer Glau (‘Firefly’, ‘Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles’).  Kreisberg also commented on Glau’s new role.

“What’s interesting about Summer’s character is that even though Isabel Rochev is a character from the comic books, she’s actually a nemesis of Oliver Queen’s far more than she’s a nemesis of The Arrow’s. One of the story arcs this season is that the company that Summer represents is trying to take over Queen Consolidated, because Queen Consolidated took a massive PR hit, considering that they were the company that built the machine that killed 503 people. So Oliver really has to step in and become The CEO. With Summer there’s a lot of banter, and jousting, and sparks flying, and anger, and yelling… it’s sort of a fun, different dynamic than we’ve ever had on the show.”

He was quick to clarify, however, that “sparks flying” didn’t necessarily imply a romantic connection.  It should be interesting to see bad boy Ollie having to step up and run his family’s company.

So what do you think?  Are you excited for the new season of ‘Arrow’?  The series returns on Wednesday October 9th at 8 PM ET on The CW.

Source GreenArrowTV