‘The Walking Dead‘ has released another teaser for the upcoming fourth season, and it looks like sh*t is about to really hit the fan. Or maybe its brains. I’m not sure.

There are literally zombies EVERYWHERE and chaos is abound when we get a new glimpse of what’s in store for our survivors (old and new) this season. In the past, the show was more about a group of people struggling to survive and not die at the hands of other human survivors, not necessarily zombies. Its exciting to see that the show is getting back to its roots, the series is supposed to be about surviving the zombie apocalypse but in the past few seasons, it hasn’t felt that way.

True we love watching the characters develop, who’s humanity stays in tact, who becomes pure evil (hello Governor) and who ends up shacking up with whom, but it would be nice if the zombie menace were re-introduced as a major threat, as the show stands now, they’re more annoying than life threatening.

It would also be nice to have a little more carnage this season. It has gotten pretty tame and there used to be scenes where limbs were flying and buckets of blood were flowing. Now it’s just coming up with new amazing zombie makeup effects to keep us ‘ohhhhing’ and ‘ahhhhing’, which is nice but we need to be scared again. The audience needs to have sweaty palms by the time an episode is over, not eye rolling because Andrea made another bad decision or stupid ghost Lori made an appearance; sorry, I know I shouldn’t speak ill of the dead but you get the point.

Season four premieres Sunday, October 13th, let us know in the comments section below if you plan on tuning in or what you hope for the show’s plot!