Despite solid ratings, Cartoon Network’s revamp of ‘ThunderCats‘ only managed to roar for one season.  But two of its creators, Shannon Eric Denton and art director Dan Norton attended Power Con, along with voice actor Larry Kenney, who played Lion-O in the original 80s series and Claudius in the reboot.  Denton and Norton were glad to spill the beans on what would have occurred, had the series lasted longer.

One character who would have gotten a surprising showcase is Snarf, Lion-O’s former babysitter.  Norton pointed out a number of times that Snarf had seemingly been electrocuted and battered, indicating that it would have been revealed that Snarf was actually indestructible.  “We would have learned that Snarf was in fact impervious to damage, the result of ancient experimentation by Mumm-Ra to create a genetically-superior race. This tinkering would ultimately lead to the creation of the ThunderCats.”

Another character that would have gotten more of a spotlight was Pumyra, a double agent secretly working for Mumm-Ra.  “New Pumyra was motivated by her resentment at not being saved by Claudius as well as her own hunger for power.”  This hunger would lead to her demanding more power from Mumm-Ra which he would have granted in exchange for her beauty, transforming her into an insectoid creature.  In her final battle with the Thundercats, she would have struck a killing blow at Lion-O, only to have Tigra sacrifice himself to save him!

Also getting some additional attention is the reptilian villain Slythe.  “What you know about Slythe,” Norton promised, “we were going to break your expectations.”  This bad guy would have a very personal grudge against the Thundercats:

“In a solo episode for Slythe, we would learn that he holds a special grudge against soldier Lynx-o, one of Claudius’ generals responsible for expanding ThunderCat territory and pushing the lizardmen further back into the marshland. One of the lizardmen festivals would be based around the hatching of the next generation, with the males going off to hunt for food and the females tending to the eggs. However, to quickly clear out the marsh, Lynx-o burns a large swath of land, killing the hatchlings of Slythe’s tribe.”

Slythe would then ally himself with Mumm-Ra and ultimately decapitate Lynx-O, only to experience a change of heart.  “But as the Lizard-men become enslaved to Mumm-ra, he sees that Lion-O’s quest for the Soul stone would unite the races. He would betray Mumm-Ra and give Lion-O the stone, leading the villain to kill him.”

Unfortunately, fans never got to see these storylines animated.  “Critically, everyone was really happy with the show, and they were number one in their time slot for the 18-34 slot, but like ‘Young Justice,’ it didn’t move toys,” Denton explains.  So another one bites the dust.  Once again, because the toy line flopped, the Cartoon Network pulled the plug.

Were you a fan of this series?  Would you have liked to have seen these additional stories come to life?  What else would you have liked to have seen?  Comment below!

Source: MTV Geek