Benicio Del Toro (‘The Wolfman’) will be starring as The Collector in the upcoming ‘Guardians of the Galaxy‘ as well as showing up in ‘Thor: The Dark World’. With all of this screen time. it almost sounds like it should be rather tiring. Just what does del Toro know about his character and how tiring is it? In an interview with Les Inrockuptibles, the actor says:

“When someone calls you and says ‘I need you in my movie,’ it’s exciting. I like comic book movies, and it’s totally new for me. My character is The Collector. I’ve never heard of him so I just started [to research] about him…

A blockbuster can be really tiring to do, but it’s fun to shoot one occasionally. You have many people around you who bombard you with [a lot of] information… You cannot go wrong.”

With being listed in two Marvel movies and how he may herald in future story lines, I’m not sure about that “once in awhile comment”. Those familiar with The Collector know that he shows up quite a bit before major events and can be quite unpredictable at times. Del Toro confirms that his character’s motivations may be a little vague and predictable right:

“For example, they told you ‘Now you have to go in this restaurant and kill this person.’ And then you ask: ‘Who? The blue haired girl, or the guy with the wig?’ And you don’t get the answer. And suddenly, you heard ‘Action!’ And you have to go along: so you shoot everywhere and they’ll find a solution for the final cut.”

As can been seen, he hasn’t been told quite a few of the details. The Collector in the Marvel Comic Universe basically lives out his name. He is immortal (and was granted that by Death, Thanos‘ love interest.) He collects powerful objects, artifacts, and in some cases people. He is convinced the universe will come to a horrible end and he will be the one who has to reseed it.

Interestingly enough, he ties in quite a few ways in the Marvel Universe that could be used here. First off, his character predicts Thanos (who won’t be showing up in the second Avengers film) is going to be a major threat to the universe (and will be interacting with people looking to stop him one way or another.) He also pops up in ‘Thor: The Dark World‘ (it’s important to notice that another of his prophecies is that Asgard will be destroyed by the demon Surtur, which could be the end of the 2nd ‘Thor’ film and the lead in to the third.) Finally, he also was involved in the introduction of Korvac who is a major Avengers and Dr. Strange enemy. We all know by now that Dr. Strange is a major player in Phase 3 so this could be adding fuel to the fire for that story line. So, there are quite a few ways we’ll be able to see The Collector pop up as a reoccurring character in the films.

Are you looking forward to ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’? Hoping to see Del Toro pop up in future Marvel films even as a minor character spouting doom and gloom? Sound off below!

Source: Screen Rant