The city of Los Angeles has honored Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee and now “The Man” is honoring the city and the comic book community.  Los Angeles has bestowed on Lee an entire day in his honor, October 28, presented by Councilmember Curren D. Price and Lee is using that date to rebrand his five year-old convention Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo into Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con.

Lee pointed at cities like New York and San Diego that host Comic Cons bearing their names.

“I felt that a lot of people didn’t know what Comikaze really meant or what it was. And I didn’t think we should hide under a bushel.  Los Angeles is, to me, the center of the world’s entertainment. It has to have a Comic Con.

“I want [people] to feel they’ve had an experience, because these conventions are a chance for the fans to be up close to the people they are fans of and to see the workings of the television shows — and even music and sports. It’s going to encompass everything that people are entertained by.  People love comics, movies and television more and more every year, so we intend to provide more and more every year.”

About the name change, Lee joked:

“I’d like to get the word ‘Super’ I there if I could.”

The new Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con will run this year from Stan Lee Day October 28th until the 30th.

Of course, Lee himself, 93, will appear at the Con that bears his name.  The gathering will also host Rob Liefeld (creator of ‘Deadpool’), Image co-founder Marc Silvestri, writer Jimmy Palmiotti, illustrator Amanda Conner and legendary artist Neal Adams, as well as ‘Batman’ stars Adam West, Burt Ward and two Catwomen, Julie Newmar and Lee Meriwether, ‘Star Trek’ alumni Walter Koenig, Nichelle Nichols and Denise Crosby, ‘The Flash’ stars Candice Patton and Teddy Sears, former ‘Power Rangers’ Austin St. John, Walter E. Jones, David Yost and Karan Ashley and newly anointed cult favorite Shannon Purser, a.k.a. Barb from ‘Stranger Days’, in addition to many others.  The show will also host the Cosplay National Championship and Prop National Championship and in honor of Halloween, booths will be handing out two tons of candy!

Lee is currently at work on animated series Stan Lee’s Cosmic Crusaders and Sky 1’s ‘Lucky Man’.

Lee’s business partner, Keith Tralins, CEO at Comikaze Entertainment Inc., said of the honoree:

“He is a life force. And he’s an inspiration, so it’s very easy to want to do more and want to do better, because of Stan.”

Will you be checking out Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con?