Way before J.J. Abrams landed the directing job of a lifetime with ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’, he was just a ‘Star Wars’ fan like the rest of us. And just because he was working on Paramount’s ‘Star Trek’ movies didn’t mean that he would let his love for the Lucasfilm franchise deteriorate. That’s why he threw in a very familiar droid in the background of his 2009 film featuring Captain Kirk, Mister Spock, and the whole crew of the Enterprise. But it looks like R2-D2 made his way into Abrams follow up ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’. No clue what we’re talking about? Well we have pictures to show you what we mean.

In the film, the little droid that could appears in a scene so quickly that if you blink, you’ll definitely miss it. But to help you out as your scouring footage of the latest film in the ‘Star Trek’ franchise, io9 drops a hint at where to find the droid that you are looking for:

Reader Rafael Oca passed along this screen shot, from somewhere around the one hour, 17-minute mark. After the Vengeance fires on the Enterprise while the ships are in warp, poor R2 gets sucked out of the ship with other members of the crew.

Still can’t find him? The aforementioned screen shot does a better job of pointing him out:

Since ‘Star Wars’ is such a huge force not only in science fiction, but cinema as a whole, many filmmakers have paid homage to George Lucas’ creation by throwing R2-D2 into their movies somewhere. Besides ‘Star Trek’ and ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’, the droid has appeared in films such as ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind’, ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ (with C-3PO), and ‘Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen’.

But now that Abrams is directing an actual ‘Star Wars’ movie, do you think that he’ll play around with R2-D2 onscreen for real? And do you think that he’ll throw in a ‘Star Trek’ Easter egg into his next film to keep some sort of balance between his “Star” movies? Let us know what you think in the comments.