AMC has unleashed a new featurette showcasing footage from the season four premier of their smash hit, ‘The Walking Dead‘ along with commentary by the cast and crew.  The short hints at the threats looming in the new season.  As creator Robert Kirkman says “This is ‘The Walking Dead’.  Things are only going to get worse.”  Check it out below!

There are a few very tasty nuggets revealed in the video.  First is that the series time jumps about six or seven months from the climax of last season.  In that time, it seems The Prison has become a safe haven for many other survivors including a bunch of kids.  (Because that’s what every zombie show needs is more brats running around, not staying in the house.  Because the one wasn’t annoying enough.)  Tyrese seems to be fitting in well, while Michonne seems to be becoming more of a loner, going out on solo missions, sort of the way Glenn did in the beginning.  But gather that much meat in one place and you’re sure to attract walkers and the prison’s security fences don’t seem to be holding against the zombie horde.

The crew hints that there is a greater threat though.  One that comes from within.  This may echo a subplot from the comics that wasn’t used on the show earlier, which reveals that one of the original prisoners was not what he claimed.  Or it could be an original story idea.  At this point, the show has deviated quite a bit from the comic book source anyway, so it could likely continue to do so.

It’s interesting that there is a new threat on the horizon, but what about the big bad from last season?  The Governor is noticeably absent from the clip.  Actor David Morrissey has taken the lead in another AMC series ‘Line of Sight’ so that could explain his absence.  But hopefully, the cunning villain will surface later on ‘The Walking Dead.’

What do you think?  Are you excited about the new season?  What do you hope to see?  Comment below!

Source: TVLine