Prepare to have your little minds blown to bits people. Apparently every season of ‘American Horror Story’ is connected and here’s a breakdown of how.

Recently Buzzfeed released an article stating that Ryan Murphy (Creator, Writer, Director, etc. of AHS. God among Horror nerds. Overall Bad Ass.) mentioned last year that every season of the show would be connected in some way or another. How large each connection may be, however, is uncertain.

From there the good folks at Buzzfeed concocted a pretty well formulated string of theories/predictions/clear cut connections between all the seasons and while it is a good read, here are some of my thoughts.:

What they got right: The crystal clear connections between Season 2 ‘Asylum’ and Season 4 ‘Freak Show’, but Murphy pretty much gave that to everyone on a silver platter. The connection between young Elsa Mars (played by Jessica Lange) and young Dr. Arthur Arden (played by James Cromwell) – check. The connection between Pepper and how she came to leave the Freak Show and head on over to the Asylum – check.

The season 1 ‘Murder House’ connection to Season 5 ‘Hotel’. In the opener of ‘Hotel’, the Harmon’s old Real Estate broker (played by Christine Estabrook – Season 1) makes an appearance at Hotel Cortez, stating that she had to recently put her dog down, which she came into ownership of through very ‘sad and violent’ circumstances. AKA she got their dog, cause they all dead. I was so excited to see her but also mega sad about that poor pooch.

What I’m still not sure about: How they’re going to connect ‘Coven’ to it all. I mean I thought that maybe there would have been a weird way to connecting the AxeMan from ‘Coven’ to ‘Massimo Dolcefino’ in ‘Freak Show’ but it just wouldn’t work.

What I’m hoping for: I would love to see Tate (played by Evan Peters)/Vivian’s (played by Connie Britton) baby from Season 1 and what ever happened with that crazy storyline. As of now we only know that Constance (played by Jessica Lange), Tate’s mom, took the baby and had been raising it as her own. Maybe he could be one of Gaga’s towheaded demon children currently running around in Season 5 ‘Hotel’. Alternatively perhaps Constance pays a visit to the hotel in her younger years as she always stated she could have been an actress back in the old Hollywood glam days.

Seriously though, Murphy is such a mad genius I’m sure he’s had a master plan on how to make every season connect in some way all along. I’m just really excited for the big reveal, whatever that may be. Let us know in the comments section below how you think he might make ‘Hotel’ connect to the other seasons!