With ‘Ender’s Game‘ coming out in less than two months, it’s time to start recruiting some interest in actual seeing the film. If we’ve learned anything by now, it’s that propaganda will help get people to fight for your cause and watch your movie. So with that being said, Summit has released 5 ‘Ender’s Game’ propaganda posters to help get you to join the International Fleet.

The International Fleet is the Earth’s government and military all wrapped up into one. After we were viciously attacked by an alien race known as the Formics (or Buggers), humans banded together to join against a common enemy. These posters released by Summit are trying to recruit the best of the best from our youth to join Battle School which helps train and mold the leaders of tomorrow.

Not only are these 5 posters great on their own, they also fit in perfectly with the ‘Battle School Needs You‘ video that they’ve already released for the film. The entire concept plays on the military theme and oddly enough reminds me of ‘Starship Troopers’.

The Internet has been a buzz wanting more details about ‘Ender’s Game’ ever since the first trailer was released for the film. Of course anyone who has followed the upcoming film’s release knows that it hasn’t all been positive buzz. From using recycled footage to the author’s hateful views and the boycott that has been called of the film – a lot is working against it.

We’ll see which side wins when the film hits theaters on November 1st.


In the near future, a hostile alien race called the Formics have attacked Earth. If not for the legendary heroics of International Fleet Commander Mazer Rackham (Ben Kingsley), all would have been lost. In preparation for the next attack, the highly esteemed Colonel Hyrum Graff (Harrison Ford) and the International Military are training only the best young minds to find the future Mazer. Ender Wiggin (Asa Butterfield), a shy but strategically brilliant boy, is recruited to join the elite. Arriving at Battle School, Ender quickly and easily masters increasingly difficult challenges and simulations, distinguishing himself and winning respect amongst his peers. Ender is soon ordained by Graff as the military’s next great hope, resulting in his promotion to Command School. Once there, he’s trained by Mazer Rackham himself to lead his fellow soldiers into an epic battle that will determine the future of Earth and save the human race.

‘Ender’s Game’ starring Asa Butterfield, Harrison Ford, Hailee Steinfeld, Abigail Breslin, Viola Davis, and Ben Kingsley is scheduled for a November 1, 2013 release.

Would these posters help get you to join the International Fleet against the alien Formics? Is it helping you decide if you want to see the film or not? Let us know!

Source: LA TImes.