Finally something to really get excited about for the new ‘Godzilla’ movie. We have the first full shot of the giant monster to be released and are happy to share it with you.

This looks awesome!

It also looks cropped. There’s a reason for that. Apparently this is a portion of a larger poster that’s suppose to only be being shown at the Licensing Expo (even though it’s leaked out to other outlets.) Kaijucast actually had displayed it online before being asked to take it down at which point they responded with:

As a fan of the kaiju genre, I feel that I can speak for a majority of the fan-base in this statement: Legendary Pictures has stated they they’re going to “do this right”, but keeping the titular character’s design a secret reminds fans of Tristar’s missteps in their Godzilla design.

I was at San Diego Comic Con and saw both the teaser and the “mood piece” and I loved what I saw. I am quite certain that by sharing this with the fan-base, Legendary’s Godzilla will meet an overwhelming amount of grassroots support from the very people who already support both the film genre and character.

Trying to shut down the information shared via social media platforms negates the success of these networks. Share the creature design. Post the teaser from Comic Con… the fans are dying for something significant and official.

I would like to echo that view that I would love to see the teaser trailer be released. As a huge fan of ‘Godzilla,’ it’s been hard to not be judgmental after the last flop and I’m pretty sure quite a few of us have been needing reassurances.

I was cautiously excited when I heard news of a new ‘Godzilla’ film and the Comic Con marketing and the first round of viral marketing even further perked my interest. Like most of you, I couldn’t stand what they had done with the last one. Knowing they were going to be creating a new take on everyone’s monster was going to be an iffy proposition.

Well with the success of how well ‘Pacific Rim‘ did at the box office, clearly giant monster movies aren’t going to be completely destroyed. Now Gareth Edwards (‘Monsters’) has to live up to the look of Godzilla with his directing skills.

Check out the poster below and let us know if it has calmed some of your nerves about the upcoming film! Did Legendary learn from the mistakes of the past? Are we going to get the giant monster movie that we truly deserved? Or was this all going to be a giant train wreck that we would go home and quietly sob into a corner after witnessing?

Source: Bleeding Cool