It’s been twenty years? Really? It seems like only yesterday I was an eight-year old crying because a television show told me ghosts were real. Scared though I was, I was a loyal and dedicated fan right until the end, and beyond, so I guess I liked to be scared a little.

The actors and show creators, however, have not forgotten their time on such an amazing show and have given X-Files News some letters and videos celebrating the longevity of the show, and the dedication of the fans for ‘The X-Files” 20th anniversary yesterday.

Frank Spotnitz, former ‘X-Files’ writer and producer, may have moved on to ‘Breaking Bad’, but he gave a brief video punctuated with the Philes favorite inspirational phrase: “Don’t Give Up!”

Gillian Anderson (Dana Scully) wrote a lengthy letter about her time and her love for what the show means to the fans. She also elaborates on how grateful she is to have been apart of the show:

Creator, Chris Carter acknowledges how important the love from the fans is for ‘The X-Files’:

Robert Patrick (Agent Doggett) called his time there “one of the highlights of [his] career”:

Dean Haglund (Langly) wants us to remember how much the Gunmen ruled:

Bruce Harwood (Byers) talks about the new generation of fans that are growing up around the show, despite not being around to watch it when it originally aired:

Composer Mark Snow celebrates the fans:

Other actors like Annabeth Gish and Laurie Holden as well as other directors and producers also left letters.

It’s a fitting tribute to a show that has been well-loved these past twenty years, and another reminder that we may just get that third movie David Duchovny has been asking fans to write in about. If not, we still have nine seasons that remind us that the truth is out there, and inspire us never give up.