David Duchovny Urges Letter Campaign For 3rd ‘X-Files’ Movie

Posted Thursday, February 28th, 2013 03:36 pm GMT -4 by

Get your keyboards ready, X-philes, because David Duchovny has given out another call to arms (or fingers in this case) and fans are ready to comply!

During an appearance on ‘The ‘Tonight Show,’ Duchovny was asked if there would be another ‘X-Files’ movie. “We always want to. [Creator] Chris Carter, and Gillian Anderson and I,” replied Duchovny. “We’re always on board. You know, you want to write to Fox. Get them going.”

No truer words were spoken!

Ever since the 2008 release of ‘X-Files: I Want to Believe,’ the desire for a third and final ‘X-Files’ film has been expressed, not only by fans, but also by Carter, Duchovny, Anderson and executive producer Frank Spotnitz. The only people not on board is Fox.

Fox currently owns the sequel rights to the show and apparently the studio doesn’t think that a third film would be profitable for them despite the massive cult following the franchise has.  ‘I Want to Believe’ only earned about $63.4 million worldwide – a very dismal outing considering the first film earned $189 million. Of course, fans (and the producers) know why the second film tanked and Spotnitz even addressed this saying that he’d like to see a final movie brought back to the series’ roots of alien colonization and government conspiracy storylines.

Fans have been doing their part with write in campaigns in the past, but with the 20th anniversary of the show’s debut coming up in September, a third film would be a great cap to it all. Obviously it would be too late to get a feature film made to commemorate their 20th anniversary but maybe a serious development of the project could get started – even if it meant having a film release for a possible 25th anniversary film.

Duchovny, on his end, doesn’t mind how long it will take to get a film made. “You could wheel me out. I’ll be Fox Mulder forever.”

You can watch the segment of Duchovny discussing a third ‘X-Files’ film with Jay Leno below courtesy of NBC:

  • g-egg

    I like David Duchovny, I just don’t understand him. First he wanted to leave X-Files after the 7th season because he didn’t want to become ‘that sci-fi guy” and goes off to star in Evolution (what?). And now all I feel he talks about is doing more X-files.

  • Flashman

    Yeaaaaah… no.

    I hope the author of this article is aware that while the first film was just dirge the second was an insult to awful movies everywhere. Surely one of the worst things ever committed to print. Not because it wasn’t about Aliens, but because to story was the usual Chris Carter wankfest. That guys should have been flogged through the streets for that atrocity.

    • Janice Kay

      Yes the second movie was pretty awful and I wished I was able to gain that time I lost watching it. Though, I would like to see a third film in the hopes the movie franchise can redeem itself.

      • Flashman

        I can’t see that happening. The best writers were forced off the show about middle of the way through it’s initial run. Everything that followed thereafter was treading water until the inevitable decent into banality.

        I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again Carter is a talentless hack who blatantly ripped of Sherlock. Switching a male Doctor for a female one and giving it an American Sci-Fi spin.

        He’s exhausted all his resources, as evidenced by his complete lack of work since and how awful both the Truth and XF2 were. He’s resorted to pandering to hardcore shippers and begging fans to keep him in work.

        Any hope that a third film helmed by him would be good is a futile one. You’re better off praying JJ Abrams takes it under his wing when Carter finally bites the bullet and relinquishes control to someone else.