It’s the 50th Anniversary of ‘Doctor Who’, and Peter Davison was here at DragonCon 2013 celebrating with the rest of us fans, and what a fantastic pleasure he was! was lucky to attend one of his press conferences, and we have footage of him talking about the 50th Anniversary Special and what we can expect.

But before that, let’s talk about his panel, shall we?

Peter Capaldi as the New Doctor

When asked how he felt about Peter Capaldi becoming the next Doctor, he stated it was a brilliant choice. Though, when asked about a Doctor/Companion dream team,  he choose David Warner (Captain Sawyer in Horatio Hornblower, an actor who was also in attendance at DragonCon) as a Doctor he would love to see. He then chose someone in the crowd to be a companion, which makes me immensely happy as he recognizes how fans would all love to be companions.

Favorite Companion

On the subject of companions, he informed the crowd that Janet Fielding (who played Tegan Jovanka) is doing well despite her battle with cancer, and they were just joke texting each other right before the convention. On that note, when asked who his favorite companion, he noted that most of his companions just wanted to leave him (Adric and Tegan) or kill him (Turlough) so Nyssa was probably the one he liked the most. He also forgot about his ironically always forgotten companion, Kamelion, the underused android.

50th Anniversary Involving Classic Who Doctors

He continued to make his threat that if the older Doctors aren’t included  that they would make a 50th anniversary special of their own. Unfortunately, he wouldn’t give any details to the 50th Anniversary special for Big Finish Audio dramas.


Other things that some hard core Whovians might know is that the famous celery that the Fifth Doctor carries around is actually a food he absolutely hates, but it’s a fun fact for us who aren’t quite so into all the facts trivia.

Favorite Episode?

It’s interesting to note that Davison actually though ‘Time Flight’, one of the most continually mocked episodes in the history of ‘Doctor Who’, was quite good, but suffered from lack of budget.

Will the Doctor be a Woman?

When asked if the Doctor would ever be a woman, he felt it was problematic, stating that the Gallifreans obviously have sexes, and if the Doctor was male and become female it would be like a “sex change” or a change in identity.

What about the Doctor’s Daughter?

As for Jenny, who is played by his real life daughter, Georgia Moffat, Davison said that he’s been consistent in trying to bring her character back. “Come on, Steven!” he opined.

And as promised, here is our coverage of Davidson’s press conference where he talks about his feelings of his image on a stamp, how excited he gets when the 5th Doctor is referenced in the Nu-Who series and what type of involvement he has in the ‘Doctor Who’ 50th anniversary celebrations: