Each new issue of ‘Fear Itself’ has steadily been building to something epic. Issue #4 is no exception.

Chapter 4: Worlds on Fire kicks off with a bang as Thor comes crashing down to Earth. Too bad for the God of Thunder he landed in Broxton, where he is neither wanted nor welcome. So, off he flies in search of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

Fear is spreading rampant across the world, and humanity is caught in the middle of a brotherly spat between The Serpent and Odin. Writer Matt Fraction and his team do a great job showing what is going on around the world as these two “camps” prepare for war.

Of course building towards a climax doesn’t mean you don’t look back. While this is a war of the gods, it doesn’t mean there are not human casualties. Bucky Barnes is dead; laid on a slab as Nick Fury and Tony Stark figure out a game plan. Two words: Captain America.

That’s right, just in time for the summer blockbuster feature film Steve Rogers makes his return behind the shield. Is Cap ready to assemble the Avengers and team with Thor and Ironman to save the Earth from Fear and Odin? What a way to step back into it, when danger is coming from all around.

There are some great character defining moments in this book for Cap, Ironman and Thor. It is always nice to see the heroes step up when they are needed the most. I don’t want to spoil any of the great Cap or Tony Stark moments, but I do want to look deeper into Thor in ‘Fear Itself’ #4.

Imagine what it must be like to be the God of Thunder, and have to constantly be playing catchup. He knows there is a prophecy stating he will kill the Serpent and will then die for his efforts. He’s also getting pretty sick of being thrown away like an old newspaper by Daddy Dearest and Uncle Crazy Pants (Odin and the Serpent if you weren’t sure).

This issue ends with the promise of a major fight between the titans of the Marvel Universe in issue #5 of Fear Itself: Brawl! The closing pages make me a little sad as it leaves me thinking of of the final Fantastic Four book, when Thor and the Hulk met up with the Ever Loving Blue Eyed Thing to beat the grief out of each other in the aftermath of Johnny Storm’s death. Of course, this brawl will be for a much different reason with the highest stakes possible.

Make sure to come back next month for Fear Itself #5: BRAWL! to find out how the God of Thunder fares against the fear-enhanced Incredible Hulk and Thing.