Lots of dead characters are brought back to life in this episode, though none of them are ghosts. Intrigued? Read on – spoilers ahead!

Melissa fights to convince the group to save Nick, despite their opinions that it’s not the Nick they used to know. In secret, Blackwell shows Cassie a spell to locate the last crystal in the high school. She has to draw a symbol in her own blood (no, thanks!), but when she does this she sees her own mother as a high schooler running through the halls, calling for Elizabeth (Diana’s mother). Cassie convinces Diana to return with her the next night so she can see the time travel too. It just so happens the next night is prom!

Charles gives Diana her mother’s necklace to wear to prom, though he wasn’t even sure she was going. You’d think the expensive dress shopping would have tipped him off. Cassie fills the Circle in on the plan, and Faye seems oddly dedicated to the idea of a perfect prom night. She’s not a very sentimental gal, so this must be a hint about something else. Dawn and Charles conspire together to make sure Blackwell doesn’t get the crystal skull assembled. Nick comes to Melissa at the clubhouse and asks for her help. He says he is dying and needs a crystal. Nick isn’t looking too good, it’s true, but he also doesn’t seem to recognize Melissa or the clubhouse. Adam arrives and Nick flies into a rage, throwing Melissa aside and rushing out.

Nick has seen better days, it's true.

Cassie and Diana stop for coffee on the way to the dance (huh?) and Grant is inside. Diana makes plans to meet up with him after prom, but an emergency text from Adam rushes the girls out the door. Charles gets a phone call and on the other end he hears the conversation between Cassie and Amelia before he blew Amelia up in her kitchen. It is creepy and spooky and clearly something Blackwell is doing, as he is standing just outside Charles’ window. Dawn repeatedly calls Charles, but every time he answers, it is more of the same. Blackwell recreates the scene of Amelia’s fiery death for Charles, but it is all in his head.

Cassie and Diana start the crystal locator spell, hoping to travel back in time again. It works. They listen in on Amelia warning Elizabeth to leave town with Diana. Wait – so all the couples already had their kids when they were in high school? That seems…unusual. Amelia tells Elizabeth that Blackwell can’t be trusted, that he’s using them, and she’s sorry she ever brought him to their Circle.

Cassie and Diana watch Amelia in the past

Melissa worries to Adam that they’ll never have a normal life. Inside the dance, Faye reminds Jake that they were supposed to go to his prom together two years earlier, but he stood her up.  Jake admits that he blames himself for Nick’s death.

In the past, Amelia gives the crystal to Ethan’s father. She tells him that Blackwell made sure the 6 girls of their Circle all conceived at the same time so he would have a built-in Circle when they grew up. Ew and double ewww. Cassie is shocked and disgusted with Blackwell. She and Diana awaken from the locator time-traveling spell. Diana is angry, blaming Cassie for bringing Blackwell into their lives. Or Cassie is a lonely teenage girl who wanted to believe in her father.  But yeah, Diana, I see your point on how you could blame Cassie for the death of your mother.  Totally valid point.

The crystal was cloaked in the trophy case, but Adam uncloaked everything the night before with his grandfather’s coin. Nick overhears and they all race for the crystal. Adam gets there first but Nick grabs it out of his hand and the chase begins. Meanwhile Diana has gone home to find Charles upset and driven crazy by what he thinks is Amelia haunting him. Diana figures out that Charles killed Amelia and she flees into the street. She doesn’t see Blackwell following her, but before he can approach, Grant pulls up and she falls into his arms, sobbing.

Charles before his breakdown

The rest of the gang follows Nick to a junkyard. While walking through the aisles, Jake apologizes to Faye for abandoning her at his prom. Nick offers the crystal to Eben, but what Eben actually wants is the demon that’s keeping Nick alive. Cassie magics the crystal away from Nick, but Eben throws her across the junkyard, knocking her out. Nick and Jake struggle, Nick strangling him, but Melissa stabs him from behind, killing him. She finally sees that the Nick she loved hasn’t come back. Blackwell grabs the crystal and says Eben got away, taking Faye with him, but they can make the crystal skull and save her. It’s an uneasy moment.  They all know they can’t trust Blackwell anymore, but they also need to get Faye back.

Next week is the season finale, and there just might be lots of answers in case the show isn’t picked up to return in the fall. Will the Circle stand up to Blackwell? Is there any adult in town these teens can trust? And if the crystal skull is assembled, will aliens appear to kill everyone?

What were your thoughts on this episode? And what do you hope to see next week in the finale?

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