Jaime Murray
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It wouldn’t be a season of ‘Gotham‘ without introducing far too many of Batman’s villains, and the fifth and final outing proves no different with Jaime Murray (‘Once Upon a Time,’ ‘Dexter’) joining the cast. We already know that Bane, The Mutants, and likely Harley Quinn will be appearing but the new villains won’t be stopping there. Good thing we’ll be seeing Bruce Wayne finally suiting up as Batman this season or the rogues would be able to keep control over the city unchecked!

Not many details are available about Murray’s role. It has been disclosed that she’ll be playing newcomer Theresa Walker who arrives in ‘Gotham’ with a secretive past and will be Jim Gordon’s nemesis for the final outing (a role you would have likely expected Penguin to play).

While nothing else was shared about her in this announcement, there was a casting call for the character earlier this year:

The character is described as a woman of any ethnicity in her 20s and would be a recurring guest star on the show. Smart and driven, she’s described as born to be a leader and is constantly planning her next move. She’s also described as having “a major commitment to not just her mission, but also her family.

Her family being mentioned is likely an integral part and suggests that she could be related to an existing character in the series. Perhaps she could even prove to be the villain Mother who was teased in the Season 4 finale, but there has been no indication of that being the case outside of the above mention of her family.

Do you think we’ll see Jaime Murray’s character of Theresa Walker end up being Mother? Will there be even more villains introduced on ‘Gotham’ before the fifth and final season comes to a close? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Batman will rise on ‘Gotham’ when the series returns to Fox on January 3rd, 2019!

Source: Deadline Hollywood