When we last heard about Matthew Vaughn and Mark Millar’s ‘The Secret Service’, the project had just found it’s villain in Samuel L. Jackson. After casting newbie Taron Egerton as the lead along with Colin Firth, Michael Caine, and Mark Hamill over bigger young names like Jack O’Connell, John Boyega, and Christian Cooke, the last major remaining piece of the puzzle was the leading lady. Previously, Emma Watson and Bella Heathcote were being eyed for the role, but it appears that the director has gone in a completely different direction, just as he did with his leading man.

According to Variety, Sophie Cookson has landed the role in Vaughn’s ‘My Fair Lady’ meet James Bond film that follows a street-smart lad as he’s recruited into spy school by his secret agent uncle. The British actress only has two IMDB credits to date and neither have been released yet, so the world has yet to see what she can do. However, if the director gave her the part over bigger names like Watson and Heathcote, then he must have seen something extraordinary in her. After all, while they weren’t as inexperienced as Egerton and Cookson, he did provide breakthrough roles for Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Chloe Grace Moretz. Maybe he can do the same with these new talents.

It will be interesting to see these fresh faces alongside the bigger names in supporting roles. If ‘The Secret Service’ finds as much success as Vaughn’s other projects, then their careers may be propelled forward like the filmmaker’s former young stars like the ‘Kick-Ass’ crew, Jennifer Lawrence, and Nicholas Hoult. Also, Vaughn has a way with secret agents as well since it was his movie ‘Layer Cake’ that really showed that Daniel Craig was 007 leading man material. Maybe he can do the same with these newcomers as well.

What do you think about Matthew Vaughn casting unknowns in the lead roles for ‘The Secret Service’? Based on the previous chances that he took on young talent, do you think that he’s found the next rising stars? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

With filming set to commence later this year, ‘The Secret Service’ is scheduled to hit theaters on November 14, 2014.