A collection of newly released animatics from illustrator Federico D’Alessandro reveal something never before revealed about ‘The Avengers.‘  At least at one point, there was to have been a seventh Avenger!  And it’s one that would be perfectly fitting, if they were looking to emulate the comic book series.

Check out the animatics below and see if you can catch the surprise seventh hero.  (Pay attention at 0.17!)

That’s right!  Janet Van Dyne, the winsome Wasp was at one point supposed to appear in Joss Whedon’s big-budget spectacle!  Unfortunately, from watching the video, it doesn’t look like Whedon or fellow writer Zak Penn had any real use for the character, who in the comics helped form the team and even coined their name.  She’s shown fluttering in he background and later being shielded by Captain America, then once more in the 360 degree pan of the entire team.  (Also, check out the more comic-accurate Hawkeye!)

With six other heroes, including some like Hawkeye that some viewers felt were under-served in the movie, it’s not much of a surprise that The Wasp was cut.  But even so, the absence of a character with as strong a history with the team was noticeable, considering that the Hulk was a member for one entire issue and Black Widow’s relationship with the team has been tenuous.  On the other hand, The Wasp led the team for years and has been a pretty consistent presence in the group.

Oh well!  Jan still has a chance of appearing in the Ant-Man movie, since she originated as his sidekick/girlfriend in the comics.  Even though Ant-Man is set to exist independently, it could still be possible that either the title character or his potential partner could find their way over to the Avengers franchise.

Would you have liked to have seen Wasp in ‘The Avengers’?  Or would you rather wait and let the character be established elsewhere?  Do you think this founder should have been utilized instead of Black Widow?  Leave a comment below!

Source: THR