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The past and future actors who portray ‘Hellboy‘ sat down for dinner recently and we’ve got a bit of insight on how that went. We all know that Guillermo del Toro’s take on the character has become iconic and it is hard to imagine anyone but Ron Perlman in the role but the studio and creator of the character have moved on with David Harbour taking over. This hasn’t sat well with everyone in the del Toro camp so to say that this meeting could have been awkward is an understatement as the outspoken Perlman isn’t known to mince words.

Here is what Harbour said about their meeting when asked if Perlman had given him his blessing:

“A little bit, I mean, it was not a great situation. They did two, him and Guillermo del Toro, and they, I think, wanted to make their third, but I think a lot of issues came up. I think budgets were too big, I think that they took a lot of time, they waited too long, so I think they wanted to do something else, they wanted to do something different with it.”

We know that Perlman had been pushing for a third movie to complete the idea for a trilogy which del Toro had in mind, but as we know, that isn’t what ended up happening. Harbour describes the process of the film moving forward as:

“[The filmmakers] came to me, and it was a very different concept, a very different idea, and there was initially some bluster around it, and I think everybody kind of got it and Ron got it. He came and we had dinner, and he was just really cool.”

I think it would be hard to describe being able to have dinner with Perlman as anything but cool! Thankfully, it sounds like the actor isn’t at odds with the new production moving forward. Though, I’m sure he is getting sick of being asked about it at this point. Harbour agreed and stated that:

“I think that the one thing that’s a little weird is everybody now asks him about it and I think he’s annoyed at that. So he’s said some things about it on Twitter where he’s just like, ‘Just don’t ask me any more,’ and I think it’s…don’t ask him anymore. He likes me, he was very kind to me, and he was like, ‘Good luck, kid.'”

Mental note, if ever given the opportunity to sit down and have dinner with Ron Perlman don’t ask anything about the new take on ‘Hellboy.’

Are you thrilled that Ron Perlman has again stated that he is on board for the new ‘Hellboy’ reboot moving forward? How would you like to have been a fly on the wall of these two actors sitting down to have dinner together? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Comic Book.