Last year, it was announced that ‘X-Files’ mastermind Chris Carter was developing a new show with Georgetown Television, which he hoped to shop around to networks at the international MIPCOM convention in hopes of securing a direct to series deal, bypassing the pilot stage.  Unfortunately, it would appear that they were unsuccessful.

However, after the ‘Zombieland’ series which was picked up by Amazon was met with scathing reviews from fans, it seems that the ever-expanding online retailer is looking for something else with a supernatural feel to replace it.  Seemingly, hoping to compete with Netflix, which has launched several acclaimed series in the past year, Amazon is sifting through potential pilots which it hopes to parlay into exclusive ongoing programs.  ‘The After’ is reportedly floating toward the top of their list of candidates.

Very little is known about ‘The After.’  The show is “set at the moment of the apocalypse” and it is described as being in the “same vein” as The X-Files.  Earlier, it was described as containing “elements of science-fiction, suspense and real-word fear and paranoia.”

More news as it unfolds!  Are you looking forward to a new series from the man that brought us ‘The X-Files?’  Is online the new way of indulging in your favorite shows?  Let us know what you think in the comments section below!