‘World War Z’ has become not only the highest zombie themed grossing film to date but it has also become Brad Pitt‘s top grossing film. The film has received a range of reviews from great to not so great and the clear decision is still out as to whether this film will go down as a zombie masterpiece or not. With so much of ‘World War Z’ having been re-written and multiple reshoots, it’s kind of surprising the film has been able to do so well. (Granted the original ending was probably too bleak for a summer popcorn blockbuster.)

So how did the newest zombie tentpole movie do? Well, as zombie movies go, ‘World War Z’ has earned $502.6 million worldwide. The runner up in the United States was ‘Zombieland’ which earned $75.5 million domestically and only $26.8 million in the foreign markets. That’s right ‘Zombieland’ only made $102.3 million globally. That’s $400.3 million less than ‘World War Z’.

Clearly zombie movies are not yet a thing of the past.

Not only is ‘World War Z’ the top grossing zombie film of all time, but, as I mentioned, it was Brad Pitt’s top grossing film in his career as well! His second place film was ‘Troy’ and that had raked in $496.3 million globally. So it beat that out by $6.3 million. Not quite as big of a jump as it was over ‘Zombieland’, but it did show that zombies have more of a draw than ancient epic’s.

With how well the film was doing at the box office even before these final numbers were released, Paramount has already green lit a sequel, though that might not be all we hear of in the ‘World War Z’ franchise. It’s director, Mark Forstor, really wants to see this movie turn into a trilogy.

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter.