If there is anything that  ‘The Strain’ have been teasing us with so far it’s that “He is here” and the latest one is no different. Even without showing off the cast yet, these teasers at least have a common message that implies the calm before the storm that we’re about to witness. Unlike the previous teaser, though, we don’t see anyone alive in this one, human or rat, just a view of the city. Here I’ll let you take a look before I go on.

So again it appears that “He is here” which I assume will be the lead bad vampire. They still haven’t given us a look at the vampires but what they have given us is catching my attention. Usually I’m not a fan of teasers as the majority give us far too little. While this one falls into that category, it at least gives us a sense of dread and that something troublesome is happening. It does make me want summer to come that much quicker (and not just to escape this arctic freeze we’re getting) but because I really want to see Guillermo del Toro’s (‘Pacific Rim‘, ‘Hellboy’) latest work!

Oh, and to see Corey Stoll (‘Salt’, ‘House of Cards’) rocking the Michael Douglas haircut of course!


The Strain“ is a high concept thriller that tells the story of Dr. Ephraim Goodweather (Corey Stoll), the head of the Center for Disease Control Canary Team in New York City. He and his team are called upon to investigate a mysterious viral outbreak with hallmarks of an ancient and evil strain of vampirism. As the strain spreads, Eph, his team, and an assembly of everyday New Yorkers, wage war for the fate of humanity itself.

So what do you think from the latest teaser? Is it doing a good job at peaking your interest before they release an actual trailer for the show?

Source: The Hollywood News