Slasher flicks have had it rough since the 90s and the latest attempt to reboot ‘Friday the 13th‘ appears to not be having it any better as it has just lost the director. While the 2009 was also an attempt to reboot the series which did well at the box office, it didn’t wow fans and Paramount has been slow on the next outing. Greenlit in 2013 for a 2015 release date, this new reboot has already been bumped back to 2016 and now 2017.

Now with director David Bruckner (‘The Signal’,’V/H/S’) having left the film, one has to wonder if there will be another delay going into production. That being said, Bruckner didn’t leave on bad terms. It was just due to these delays that keep cropping up. With a script nowhere in sight, the producers didn’t want Bruckner attached to a movie that could still be years out so if he is still available when a script actually is completed we might seem him attached once again.

Speaking of the script, it looks like Aaron Guzikowski (‘Prisoners’,’The Red Road’) is in final negotiations to write the 13th installment of this classic franchise. There is no word as to what the plot might be even though numerous writers have worked on it at one point or another but it seems like Jason will once again be at Camp Crystal Lake and that it won’t be a follow up to the 2009 reboot. As a reboot has already occurred, it is doubtful that we’ll be back in the original continuity and one can only hope that a new reboot can be worthy of grabbing the attention of fans. With how rightfully jaded the horror community is on reboots at this point, it would almost be a miracle for this to get positive press ahead of time. Sadly this change also means that Nick Antosca is no longer writing the film. As I said, it’ll be hard to get good news here.

Are you looking forward to the return of Jason Voorhees? Do you think ‘Friday the 13th’ needs another reboot or should they follow up to one of the two existing continuities? Share your thoughts below!

‘Friday the 13th’ is set to be released on January 13th, 2017. Assuming it isn’t delayed. Again.

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